» Startup day 1
  • http://profile.typekey.com/owt/ Oliver Thylmann

    Ok, now I know everything … I am sure to drop by the new offices when nearby to be part of the friends generated, party supported, let’s have a chat, video revolution :)

  • http://www.loiclemeur.com Loic

    :) when you like Oliver !

  • http://www.martinepage.com/blog Martine

    Si j’avais su que tu bossais sur un projet vidéo, je serais venue me présenter! ;-)
    La prochaine fois peut-être. (Tu quittais Zazie quand je t’ai reconnu.)

  • http://www.thomashan.com/blog Thomas Han

    Hi Loic,
    Thx for the video. Finally, the secret is out the bag! We’ve all been waiting to see what you are up to in SF and it’s been fun following your adventure of moving your family to the US.
    I know you probably don’t follow my twitter, but I think you walked right by me on Sunday at Crissy Field when you went kyte surfing there.
    This is a picture of my wife and I that day there

  • http://www.charnel.com/mason Mason Jones

    Very interesting, thanks for the walkthrough. And I was incredibly surprised to see the Oxbow t-shirt you’re wearing! Excellent. Good luck, I’ll look forward to seeing more.

  • Alicia

    I love the video and can’t wait to see what follows! After such a long presidential campaign and blogposts filled with high society and Paris politics (which I loved, in any case!) it’s a refreshing contrast to see you out West, starting from the beginning, and with such a friendly and hopeful vibe. I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting Americans to work for a French guy such as yourself! Good luck!!

  • http://blog.japonophile.com Antoine

    Waow! What a start! If every day is like this one, the company will be a huge success. I really look forward seeing how it grows!
    Et comme on dit par ici (Tokyo): gambatte! 頑張って!

  • http://www.remo.fm Remo Uherek

    Hey Loic, great stuff with these Startup videos! Good luck with your “Video Twitter” company ;-)

  • http://smartiesblogs.free.fr/ smarties

    Trop bien ! un site en anglais c’est trop bien pour ce qui ne PIGE RIEN, moi qui voulait continuer a suivre tes aventures c’est MORT !
    SEBASTIEN CHABAL : Ici on est en France, SPEAK FRENCH !!!!!
    A la prochaine !!! (en FRANÇAIS)