» #459 runcast & podcast with Netanel

#459 runcast & podcast with Netanel

Net and myself finally managed to run together, with a poolcast conclusion.

  • http://www.chauffeurdebuzz.com/ Otto

    ça vaut presque un bon chiottecast ;)

  • http://smooth.blogs.com Smooth

    C’est pas bon de parler pendant sa petite session running.

  • http://www.urbamania.com Mennesson

    Hi loic,
    I really like the concept of the runcast but I think you could easylly improve it by filming infront of you. just start by presenting your friend if you re not running alone and after put the camera ahead. We all know your (now) famous face and we all prefer the frisco bay, the spanish sea side and all the landscapes you have the opportunity to visit, please share it with us!!! I give you a new challenge to launch wich is “design MY ultilmate runcast accessory”
    Bon sinon la bêta d’urbamania est bientôt finalisée… Tu feras partie des supers privilégiés qui recevront des codes de connexion à l’instar de Monsieur Ohayon a qui nous avons envoyé notre formulaire de participation au challenge techcrunch20.

  • http://www.net.typepad.com Net

    Hey Loic, looks like we had fun :) Thank you again for the great hospitality and good times. See you next time in California.

  • http://www.loiclemeur.Com Loic

    good point Mennesson, what can I say, I like to show my face :) seriously the problem is also that the microphone is in this direction, I’ll try but I think it will only catch wind if I do it on the other side. I guess I should use a bluetooth mike :)