» #452 How the Internet is changing politics

#452 How the Internet is changing politics

We had a very interesting conversation with a group of european entrepreneurs about how the Internet is changing politics, I thought I could give you a short summary in video:

1. more authenticity, transparency, fewer lies

2. new leaders

3. more participation

4. ease to raise funds

5. new way to govern, listen more, govern with the people

6. risk of acting short term rather than long term

7. groups, kids, can have a collective voice (positive: against war in Iraq, negative: terrorists hiring young muslims)

8. making current institutions and media history

9. more global versus more local, raising influence of private internet organisations such as Google, Gates investing more than the World bank

10. power shifting to the long tail ? will current organisations survive the Internet ? (new light organisations can touch tens of millions, such as Bebo few employees but 10s of millions of users)

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