» #446 Robert Scoble

#446 Robert Scoble


Robert Scoble answers Jason Calacanis saying that if Scoble wants a feature you should not do it and explains the hot trends he currently sees in tech.

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  • http://www.accmanpro.com Dennis Howlett

    Too old? That makes me ancient!!

  • http://www.ThomasHan.com/blog Thomas Han

    Dang.. iPhone is going to be a forest! =)
    Ha, “normal” is all relative, right? Everyone is normal in their way! So don’t feel bad guys…

  • http://www.TechHerding.com Dick Carlson

    Being able to see anything coming is quite a skill. I think that I’m also one of those people who should not be used to determine future features. If they did:
    Microsoft……would add “EASY” buttons to each app.
    Mrs. Paul…..would incorporate tartar sauce in her breading for fish sticks.
    BP…..would price it’s gas for quarts, so my price would be much lower.
    CDC…..would send specialists to my house when I get sick.

  • http://eduardocollado.com Edu

    Brilliant, this guy is the Lord of the Podcasting.
    Excelent interview Loic ;-)

  • http://www.loiclemeur.Com Loic

    glad you liked the video as much as I enjoyed doing it !

  • http://www.emergenceweb.com/blog Claude Malaison

    A good overview of Web 2.0, of blogging & podcasting but for the future you guys didn’t talk about LifeLogs? And where do Virtual Worlds and Serious Gaming stand?
    Good interview Loïc! Robert is a great guy!

  • http://divedi.blogspot.com/ Dimitar Vesselinov

    BTW, I subscibe to 9,265 feeds:

  • http://olpc.tv Charbax

    Loic, you’re an idiot! Nah just kidding..
    Thanks a lot for posting this..
    I’m looking forward to mobile VOIP so I get my voicemail directly to my email, as I got my current SIP account setup to. I’m looking forward to VOD replacing established tv, eink replacing the established press, politicians losing their power to the Internet.

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    Saturday Spillover | Video w/Scoble and Le Meur on Blogging, Video, and Doubling Effects in Web 2.0

    Thank you for visiting! Please subscribe to get updates, extras and traffic freebies by RSS feed, or get weekly updates by email. Thanks!I was only going to post this on my video channel, but at 9 minutes, he starts talking about why Blogging is stil…