» #442 Jason Calacanis Mahalo

#442 Jason Calacanis Mahalo


Jason Calacanis presents in details his new venture, human search engine Mahalo (which means thank you in Hawaian). Jason also explains how be featured on ValleyWag (he says you just have to lie !), that if Robert Scoble explains a feature he would like on a site then make sure you do not deliver it because Robert is a genius but normal people won’t need it (Robert will love the compliment I am sure) and finally a few trends such as Twitter.

You can see Jason also in full screen on loic.tv (last video and entrepreneurs channel) and subscribe to my feed in itunes.

Thanks Jason for this great conversation and the very cool week-end in Santa Monica !

  • http://victorbibies.vox.com/ clYde

    Ce mec est génial…Bye bye les machines ?
    Thx pour la vidéo….

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    [...]In this hilarious interview of Jason Calcanis, he explains how Valleywag’s absolute lack of journalism ethics can be used to provide free marketing or a smokescreen for your new product launch. Oh, and by the way, he’s launching Mahalo. It’s obvio…

  • http://www.wiredathomeblog.com David Ward

    great interview…free lunch 4 days a week and a gym, I want to work for Jason/Mahalo!

  • http://www.calacanis.com Jason

    Fun times!

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    I thought I would mix things up with a few interesting videos I have been watching
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  • http://www.oliviertravers.com/ Olivier Travers

    Seems Loic likes to eat a peach…

  • http://www.informediario.com/mahalo-el-buscador-humano-de-calacanis Informe Diario

    Mahalo, el buscador humano de Calacanis

    Mahalo, algo así como “gracias” en hawaiano, es el nuevo proyecto de Jason Calacanis. Se trata de un buscador “humano” en el que los resultados han sido elaborados por personas frente a los algoritmos de otros buscadores como Google. Mahalo está más c

  • http://www.billhartzer.com Bill Hartzer

    I’m definitely going to take Jason’s advice and see if I can get featured on ValleyWag. ;)

  • Skurv

    Jason Calacanis is not a real person, he is a complete tool.

  • LaVerne

    Aloha from Hawaii Jason,
    I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a fantastic job….just saw your video on Vpod.tv June 4, 2007. You will progress to an empire of love for helping people if you stick to “kokua” which means help in Hawaiian! Watch your spelling of Hawaiian, ok (lol)
    I got ripped off at one point in 2005 and lost 500.00 which was important to me. I was unemployed at that time. TheMahalo.com is still registered with GoDaddy.com but I can’t access the site since early 2006 when my web page was being directed to somewhere else and I voiced that on my page….company have since disappeared.
    I was searching for mahalo when I stumbled on to this interview.
    Its been three months and I pray that you are progressing in your dream to Kokua…(help) in Hawaiian. It is refreshing to see your desire to assist the beginners who try so hard to come close to their dreams but lack the knowledge because of ignorance or someone else’s foul play.
    I wish you and your staff only the best and please don’t change the concept of “aloha” (Love or Farewell)in Hawaiian….