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#402en Marc Simoncini Meetic


Marc Simoncini is one of the best european entrepreneur, he created Meetic, #2 worldwide and european leader in dating. Meetic has a half a billion euro market cap. We discuss how Marc started, grew the company and his advise for entrepreneurs. I loved the top 5 or 6 criteria on how to select a good Internet business.

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    ‘ACE’ Feature Film Production Team
    Wing Ltd
    70 Milson Road, Olympia London W14
    Tel: 07765927008
    Email: acefilm1@yahoo.com
    My URL
    hallo Loic LeMeur & Marc Simoncini
    happy new year & may your companies keep prospering and make you all happy, & it is this that we wish to include in our action thriller feature film ‘ACE’
    -To include http://www.meetic.com as product placement in the film, ‘read on……….
    ‘ACE’ Feature Film
    Would your company like to benefit from being involved in our feature film’ ACE’?
    Also: we are seeking investors as well as companies for product placement:
    we would like to have your products featured in our film ‘ACE’. Please contact us for further details.
    The main concept of the theme is ‘glamour & gambling’. Include Clive Owen, Jade Foret $$$$$, casino images, dice, playing cards, las vegas, fast cars, las vegas show girls etc…
    Executive Producer and filmscript writer Margaret Cooper
    As well as Trevor Steven Smith as the Producer and co-scriptwriter(from the movie ‘Too much, Too Young’ fame, recently shown at The Cannes Film Festival)
    Director Stuart D Fenegan
    Speak to you soon
    Feature Film Synopsis – (Working Title) “Ace”
    Filmscript by Margaret Cooper copyright 2006
    Steve Philips is a Jack the lad working in the East End, his father is a bookie, he buys and sells cars, plays poker both with his mates and more recently online. He wins more often than not.
    One day he receives an invitation from his online poker company to attend a reception at their headquarters. Steve goes along, as he enters the regal art deco building it is teaming with life, there are hostess’s walking around with drinks, computer screens fizz with high rolling poker games. This is definitely his kind of place. He is greeted by the lead hostess Mia strikingly beautiful and confident, Steve is shown to the top table where he is introduced to Henry Ballentyne. Henry is overseeing a big game with three players playing online with America and the Far East, but takes time to welcome Steve as a valued customer of XXXXX.com and instructs Mia to set him up with terminal and drinks etc on the house. Steve has a good night has a few drinks wins a little, Mia drops by and sits with him towards the end and seductively invites him along for a big game on Saturday night.
    At the game Steve is plied with too much champagne, and credit, and with Henry fixing the system and Steve manages to run up a debt of £50,000. And is left in know doubt of the serious predicament he is in. Steve is paid a visit by Mia, she genuinely likes him but she is Henry’s girl and now Steve Henry’s boy, he wants him to represent his firm in big prestigious online gambling competition in London
    Steve is given an image change by Mia, she knocks the rough edges off him with a new haircut and new clothes, he is now every bit the handsome young player. Mia and Steve sleep together, but when they arrive at Monte Carlo, Mia is back with Henry. And although Steve wins he still works for Henry.
    Mia is attached to Henry, he took her from the dirty streets of Naples were she was a small time hustler and artist, and gave her a life of money, class and power.
    Steve realises to win Mia he must beat Henry in the tough world of online gambling. The real power lies in who has the big spending customers. Steve is a very clever lad he realises the database of customers is the key. He steals the database in a daring raid on XXXXX.com headquarters and goes into partnership with Henry’s biggest competitor Carl Price of http://www.luckytobet.com.
    And thus wins Mia.
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