» TV 2.0 content ?

TV 2.0 content ?

Doing a brainstorming with my friends at Meeting of minds around the future of TV content. Here are some bullet points.

Why TV sucks today

-impossible to chose what you are watching except switching channels

-when you want to watch a show, impossible to chose when you watch it in general

-impossible to chose by the popularity of a show, only by what the TV editor decided is important

-have to watch advertising, totally untargeted

-copyright disables sharing

-too far from reality (often fake public, fake content, etc) current TV is wonderland reality

-not targeted

-no archives

-not searchable

-not community driven

What will change with TV and user generated content ?
-there are thousands of very talented people on niches that are unknown by traditional TV: bloggers, artists, etc. The best amateurs will be the authors of News 2.0
-the editor becomes the user by suggesting, filtering and deciding about the news in the show

-the selected show items can also be user generated content
-interactive feedback permanent (voting, chat, etc)
-very low production, sales and distribution costs, entirely web based
-ubiquity with amateur, low cost professional reporters and studios around the World
-content based on self production but also production on editing bits of the existing videos on the most popular networks (Youtube, dailymotion etc)
-more reactive (amateurs everywhere, faster than sending reporters)
-can be done from anywhere using skypecasts, video conference etc

How the news will be created ?

-crowd sourcing and filtering

-digg like

-techmemes, search engines etc…

-permanent feedback on everything

-crowd editing

What will be the format ?

-live (Joost, ustream.tv), downloaded (Apple TV)

-no schedule anymore, no 8PM news

-100 000s of “channels”

-long and short versions

-all archived

-fake or reality ?

-community driven & niche: wow, kids, treonauts

-hyperlinking within the videos, getting access to more details etc

Unexpected formats

-live realityTV (Justin.tv)

-the twitter of video blogging

-Google glasses :)

Who will produce ?

-millions of videos available

-thousands of people able to edit & select the best content

-Creative commons sharing & mixing

Revenues ?

-Advertising 2.0: video adsense, word of mouth based

-messages people what & when they want it

-product placement

Current landscape:

Jeff Pulver’guide to TV shows only available on the Internet

  • http://alejandrogaray.blogspot.com joost free online tv

    I was going to ask for an invite to joost when I saw your blog. I’m not sure if joost will be the way everyone will be watching tv but i’m pretty sure it will dominate the niche market of people who want to watch tv online.

  • aruban

    Maybe, as for TV 1.0, revenues can come from advertising for free channels, and from user payment for non free channels (like now, cable/BS vs public channels)
    Do you know Gyao ?
    It a web TV channel in Japan, provide Movies, Dramas, sports… For free. All is -just- cut by adv, quite targeted (for audience of what you are watching).
    Gyao is more a TV 1.5 than a TV 2.0, but it’s a good mockup :) (and its working only on f#$!ing ms windows)

  • http://www.loiclemeur.com/france Loic

    thanks Aruban, I did not know Gyao

  • artsys

    Very interesting idea. (sorry for my bad English)
    But with the video or audio format the internaut glances and cannot intervene, all the problem is there.
    I think that it is necessary to find how to make a flow video or audio interactive.
    To create a video technology or audio blog
    My idea:
    The internaut glance a video flow or listens to an audio flow.
    The interanut reacts hot, it stops flow and reacts
    The comment can be video, audio or text.
    The comment with the format text is transformed into audio.
    The audio tracks are transformed into text so that the search engines, the tags, etc.
    On a flow, the only criterion is time.
    The internaut stops flow to react, therefore it has the time criterion.
    On this time criterion it reacts in text, audio, video.
    (Linux server for this technology)
    For the old technology text
    To transform the audio tracks of video flows into text and key word.
    This operation will not be perfect at the beginning but I can bet that the Net surfers quickly will adapt.

  • http://tv.feed-news.org spiridon

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