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Subtitle video in any language with dotSub


dotSub lets you subtitle any video in any language in a collaborative way to let them be understood globally. A good idea why wouldn’t we have also have collaborative voice over in all languages ? The issue is you have to upload the video to their service, I would rather see it as an add on to popular video services such as Youtube etc.

  • http://feeds.loiclemeur.com/~e?ffid=164348 Marshall Kirkpatrick

    I want to see if they have APIs that could be used to just route video from any number of sources through their service and back again to another service.

  • http://dotsub.com Michael Smolens

    Hi – I am the founder and CEO of dotSUB – and thanks for the interest in what we are doing.
    We have an API written but as yet unpublished which will allow anyone to basically integrate the functionality of our site with their present flash based video player/platfrom. We will be testing this shortly with a variety of video platforms/NGO’s/corporations and then when ready, it will be generally available.
    Right now, you can embed any video on our site to any other site or blog by just using the code to the right of the player.
    Feel free to contact me directly with any questions or comments.
    Michael L. Smolens
    Founder & CEO
    dotSUB llc – Any Film Any Language
    360 East 72nd St. #C3104
    New York, NY 10021 USA
    michael@dotsub.com – email
    1-917-742-0158 – tel
    1-646-403-9944 – fax
    mlsmolens – Skype
    http://dotsub.com – website

  • http://www.net.typepad.com Netanel Jacobsson

    Also take a look at http://www.plymedia.com – they are launching exactly what you are looking for + other cool stuff soon.

  • http://www.loiclemeur.com/france Loic

    Thanks Michael, looking forward to contacting you. Net, thanks, will have a look !