» Skinny top models: fake pictures I guess…

Skinny top models: fake pictures I guess…

I got these by email, terrifying. One of my french reader tells me they are obviously fakes, what do you think ?






  • Haky

    No doubts, these are fake pictures!

  • Gouly

    I heard about this phenmenum in a tv program which said these pictures was modify in order to promote the anorexie I m totally horrify about this if you want to know more tape proana on google

  • http://pierromarie.wordpress.com pierro

    holy moly; i hope that is a fake !

  • omg

    one of these images i know is real, becuase the girl in the pic died from anorexia

  • http://www.taliaben.typepad.com/ Tali Aben

    I received a Marithe and Francois Girbaud catalog in the mail, and one of the models (although much better clothed), was clearly anorexic. It’s horrible. Makes me not want to consider their designs anymore.

  • Ariel MacQuarrie

    I think that that is really grose i would not be seen like that for no one or nothing… why would some one want to look like that.

  • Rach

    I think that skinny models should be banded from the cat walk because it is not healty and they should be allouwed to go back on the cat walk when they are healty and have put on weight!

  • annabelle

    Why should you deny that this is real? These models are walking skeletons.

  • ariel macquarrie

    i also think that skinny modles should not be on the cat walk.. because i think they are the reason we have so many anorexic and bulimic people in the world we live in today

  • http://www.chuchichaeschtli.com Remo Uherek

    These pictures could be part of this campaign:

  • alina

    These are obviously fake… two of these photos feature victoria’s secret model gisele and she is not skeletally skinny, these pictures are altered… not r e a l…

  • lilith

    wow…I looked at the clip on youtube…that was really freaky…and it kinda scared me…cause I was looking at the girl in the mirror and thinking that I can understand why she’s crying cause she is kinda chubby, but then it just wow…she was like almost not even there…

  • Glennis

    Whether they’re real or not, the media is encouraging this kind of behavior with slim models and actresses. Girls and women should feel beautiful as who they are, not what the media tells them to be.

  • tianya

    i think these may be realy, but i think its kinda good that these people have got the will power to go through this and defeet the erge to eat good on em

  • tianya

    they SHOULD NOT be discriminated against its there choice so leave em alone, we dont pick on fat people!!!! they go to hungry jacks and order 2 burgers, large fri’s and a x-large coke but does any one say any thing???? NO if you gonna pick on someone one, one kinda weight pick on the other!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    one rule for all

  • ??

    Those are so real and thats so gross.

  • Simm

    I think they are real and very grose. And the person who said that it is good that they have defeated the erge to eat good on them. You have got to be kidding can you honestly look at these pic’s and say that they look good?
    And people are not discriminating them. We just think they need help just like fat people.
    Especially girl in such a public eye and so many girl want to look like them yes it is wrong. And it is also wrong that Modelling agencies want you to be skinny before they will put you on there books.

  • hayley willams

    i think that some of those pictures are real.. but it is really upsetting hearing people say it looks attractive casue it doesnt it looks absolutly grose…. and i think modles are the reasosn or bulimia and annorexia… i think they should ban skinny skinny models that are on catwalk that is the BAD MESSAGE THEY ARE SENDING TO YOUNG GIRLS

  • lorrie

    This is truly distressing….and should not be ignored….these girls are sacrificing themselves to please the media….their bodies will surely shut down from being undernurished….all sizes should be accepted and loved in Modeling….it’s an art with love and passion for all……when agencies ask our young girls and women to deprive themselves for a career we should stand up and protect them because it’s money in the Agencies hands while our children/young ladies and women of the world are be deluded by such a lifestyle. Our body, mind and soul needs to be nurished in a balance to survive. These girls are precious and they are our children, they deserve more than someone telling them they need to be thinner to model. If a Designer wants their clothes to hang on our models….MAKE THEM BIGGER NOT OUR GIRLS SMALLER!!! To all the Women in the World….God has created you in His image, He has called you each by name, He loves you, so be good to you and take care of you too! Love what you do but first take care of you! May Peace & Love be with you.

  • bob

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is soooo horry!!!!!!!

  • Chrysta

    These pictures are all photoshopped. I run a pro anorexia website and we photo shop the pictures to represent emaciation. It our thinspiration. Let Pro-Ana sites live on forever and sorry to all those who don’t understand our illness.

  • marian

    that is far too skinny! that is infact ill!
    i am a model myself and i weigh a healthy 8 stone 3 and i can get work no bother so why on earth would they wanna look like that for modeling its seriously grose! i do reckon all models should be 8 stone and over if the are over 5’5

  • http://manolobrides.com Never teh Bride

    What a thing to stumble upon!
    Fake but not too far off the mark in some cases…

  • lizzy

    these girls look like they just came from a concentration camp,its discusting how do they have the strength to stand?

  • Sarah

    seriously! these are fake, and anyone in their right mind should know this.

  • whitney

    some1 give that girl some food!

  • alex

    people do make fun of fat people stupid!

  • Molly

    Unfortunatly i think these are real. My friend died of annorexia and she looked pretty much like this.
    Real shots for sure.

  • Mia

    I know for a fact these arent real, just check out this link for proof
    and also.
    People can shut up about skinny girls!
    I can fit into a size 0, but I eat 3 meals a day with very little exercise.
    We’re not all bulimic/anorexic.

  • sara

    thease gurls are beautiful..and should not be judged….how do you think they got that way in the first place

  • Kate

    These girls are DISGUSTING, I can’t belive they think that they are sexy!!! (tell them to gain some weight)

  • jessie

    Those are obviously fake. Look at the 3rd to last one (the one who resembles Gisele). Unless her butt is HUGE, the dress wouldn’t be hanging like that. Also, the fashion industry may use skinny girls, but they are not suicidal – can you imagine the outrage if the models they used looked like that?? (For those that will argue with me, find me an article about a fashion show (from a credible source) with a picture like the ones above.)
    And finally, those models wouldn’t be able to stand let alone walk if they were that skinny.

  • Catriona Thoms

    Well Mr Holland, your comments are so disgusting and totally idiotic. Can’t tell if you’re joking about the “tight pussy” comment but if you are then you would have to be the most misinformed, perverted asshole that i’ve ever come across! As groteseque as these girls bodies are I doubt you’d ever have a chance with any model.

  • allie

    i love izzy!!!

  • Anne

    I think thats disgusting how models can turn out like that, maybe there hot and all but they only become models becasue of their good bodies and looking at that dosent mean they have any potenial then anything. I thinhk starving yourslef is pathetic so basically its tehre own fault.

  • tiffany

    well thats really fucking sick go eat some food omg i dont even belive it..

  • http://www.myspace.com/perri_kate perri

    This is just apaulling..so many teenage girls look up to models..i am doing a talk in my class on body image and when i see this i am just shocked..

  • Shiloh

    They’re fake.
    Here’s proof…

  • eleysha

    it is a joke people die ova thiis kind of work its just orrible to see how can sumethiong like this be fashin look what you are doin to theese models

  • becky

    omg these models shouldnt even be walking on the catwalk this is not a joke they cud die they r obviously fake but its not a jk!!!!!!!

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