» French bashing at CafePress.com

French bashing at CafePress.com

French blogger and California resident Arnaud alias Des Grenouilles dans la Vallée spotted hundreds of French bashing illustrations at the popular CafePress service (here, here, here). His French readers started complaining at the company, I wonder why they approve these and also think it is unacceptable. It looks like this practice is common in America, SuperFrenchie follows french bashing daily.





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  • http://www.headshift.com Lee Bryant

    Disgusting! But also just a sign of massive levels of ignorance among ordinary Americans about France and Europe.
    How can they get away with selling this? Unbelievable!

  • Fanch Breizheg

    Is not ignorance, they re more informated than french.
    Contre-Culture and Controversy about the french republic

  • Yann Bernard

    I’m French and have lived in the US for 10 years (that is about 35% of my life). I’ve lived in various cities in Michigan (from the horrible Flint, portrayed in Michael Moore’s “Roger and Me”, his first doc from 1988; to the west-coast like Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan). I can honestly say that I have extremely seldom met anti-French people. Most of those claiming to be anti-French are just seeking to give themselves a style which Nature wouldn’t allot them at birth. If you confront them, they quickly shut up. I’ve never been a victim of anti-French slurs. Then again, I’m not your typical French guy in the US. In particular, I’ve got no accent. My wife is American and I don’t hang around other French people in the area. But I defend France when I feel she’s being unjustly attacked by idiots who have no clue what they’re talking about. In the wake of the Iraq war (Spring 2003), I had several agitated discussions with friends of mine who were bashing France out, lambasting her for not taking part. They have since then retracted and all but one have admitted that France was right.
    Voila. I just don’t want the French to think Americans are in majority hostile to France. There are more hostility toward Americans from the French. The big difference is that French kid who claim to hate America hang US flag posters in their bedroom; while Americans hating France have bumper stickers saying so. The proportion of Americans truly hating France is as slim as it is in the UK. Quite frankly, if these pip squeaks wear those ugly animal-cruelty fueled undies shown in the post, they ain’t worth talking about.

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