» Europe takes lead in Second Life

Europe takes lead in Second Life

Adam Reuters writes a good article about Second Life usage:

-54% of users are European (North America 34.5%)

-58,9% are men

-average age is 33

-about 2 million users in January with approximately 10% who have logged in for 40 hours or more

> there are only 200 000 active users of Second Life in January but it grows fast and they are mostly european.

Active residents by country

* United States 31.19%

* France 12.73%

* Germany 10.46%

* United Kingdom 8.09%

* Netherlands 6.55%

* Spain 3.83%

* Brazil 3.77%

* Canada 3.30%

* Belgium 2.63%

* Italy 1.93%

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  • Hugo

    Europe takes lead in users but not in active residents which is more relevant. US still leads in number of active people playing regularly on SL.
    Interesting, thought, that France is just behind with 12% !

  • http://www.experientia.com/blog/europe-takes-lead-in-second-life/ Putting people first

    Europe takes lead in Second Life [Reuters]

    Europeans make up the largest block of Second Life residents with more than 54 percent of active users in January ahead of North America’s 34.5 percent, according to new Linden Lab data, as reported on Reuters/Second Life.

  • http://www.vinorati.com Lisa Roskam

    and what about the new Google version of a Second Life?