» Best wishes for 2007 !

Best wishes for 2007 !

My best wishes again for 2007 !

To begin 2007 correctly I try to focus on important stuff,


test future means of transportation with my kids,


stay close to my friends,


jump on top of the issues,


without breaking the obstacles ;-)


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  • Alicia

    That’s the spirit… :) Looks wonderful. Happy new year Loic!

  • http://heuer.sajonara.de Timo Heuer

    Thank you. Happy new year.

  • http://www.nopuedocreer.com Troy

    It’s nice to see a blogger who enjoy the wind!
    I do it windsurfing!
    Good wind and happy new year!!

  • http://www.kbcafe.com Randy Charles Morin

    Happy New Year!

  • http://gnispen.blogspot.com/ guido van nispen

    Happy New Year Loic! Try to keep in one piece :)

  • phatphap

    dear Loïc,
    does this windy feat of yours epitomize Nicolas Sarkozy’s soaring ratings or does it refer to Ms Ségo’s hotlips windpower ability to blow her political ideas?
    so far I knew you were familiar with the boards of directors but ignored that you were a director of the “boards” too.

  • http://www.fotosdonosti.com San Sebastian

    Cool images,
    Best wishes for 2007 too !

  • http://www.juanotero.es juan

    Desde España, felices fiestas Loic