» Semi-Marathon of Boulogne Billancourt 2006: 1h37:20 and 13 km/h average

Semi-Marathon of Boulogne Billancourt 2006: 1h37:20 and 13 km/h average

Today I ran the Boulogne Semi-Marathon (my second race) and improved the time I did last time at the 20 km de Paris with a chrono of 1h37:20 for 21.1 km (or 13 km/h official average) against 1h34:37 for 20 km. I’m very happy about this time as I did not train very seriously recently.


It’s funny a guy named Yannick Le Meur went through the finish line exactly at the same time as me.


I ran fast the first 10km as I was following the marker (a runner with a balloon that indicates a target time of 1h30) and had to slow down a bit for the 11 remaining kilometeres as my legs muscles were starting to hurt.


The Garmin GPS I was wearing gives a distance of near 22 km (I lost distance in the turns I guess I should be more careful to run inside the curves and not outside). The average is near 1.6 km/h more (13,6 against 12) more than I usually train at so I can’t complain.


181 average heart rate is also much more than during training…


Unfortunately the course does not take you inside the bois de Boulogne as it is actually in the city of Paris not Boulogne, but the running was quite nice on the Seine river borders.

Google Earthcapture001

My kids were waiting for me at the finish line…


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    Bravo ,
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    dude, you rock! now you’re really hitting your stride.
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