» New Zune setup screen

New Zune setup screen

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But what are these people doing on the background setup screen ?! Via macbidouille via flx-tech.

  • http://www.simplyservingware.com Ben

    Maybe their faces represent the internal anguish you are feeling due to the installation failure. There certainly are some weird promo photos associated with the Zune (www.zune.net). I think the interface is cool, but I’m a bit turned off by the marketing … especially after seeing your installation failure screen!

  • http://lesgow.com D.Crokayte

    Je n’irai pas jusqu’à dire quelles font des choses sexuelles, mais ça peut prêter à confusion :p

  • http://josuesolis.free.fr josue

    Strange face you’re right. But the screen show that zune and vista are not working together…

  • Alicia

    Mmmmm looks like a pretty sexual background to me! Or at least intended to make you think that way. At least it’s entertaining.

  • http://loiclemeur.com danielle

    slt loic
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  • http://loiclemeur.com danielle

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  • larry

    my setup disk is lost i want to put my zune on a computer how do i do that