» Is France more communist than China ?

Is France more communist than China ?

I had interesting conversations on this quaestion with my friend Bo Y. Shao who created the equivalent of Ebay in China and sold it to them. Bo thinks France is more communist than China and of course posting it on on my french blog generated many reactions from my french readers. I decided to publish a short podcast below on why Bo thinks France is so “communist” and to organize a panel at Web3 between Bo and Pierre Haski (author of Five Years in China and journalist at the left wing close to bankruptcy Liberation newspaper) where we will discuss precisely this question. It is going to be quite interesting I think…

  • http://cyberray-rays.blogspot.com/ Ray

    Hey congrats on the race wish I could been there.
    I’would like to boost readership from France on my blog please foward this to your friends as I would like to hear some comments on my post from French readers.
    France Elle a un présent : sa dissolution imminente dans le bain de siège euro-islamique, et un “futur” : soit une crise socio-politique sans précédent, qu’on peut gentiment dénommer “guerre civile”.
    Avenir ?! Maurice G. Dantec

  • http://cyberray-rays.blogspot.com/ raul

    Hey I like your France/China post. I plan to feature your post on cyberray next week.
    Hey I got a mssg from the Hairy Nose Wombat for you :

  • Varkala

    Tu es vomissant Loic.

  • J’ai du mal comprendre

    Haha le prétendu libéral qui assume pas les commentaires, bravo la … oups le coup de karsher pardon. Bah, à force de fréquenter les politiques on prend vite le pli hein ?
    Fallait vraiment pas l’inviter le parvenu, je me demande quelles seraient les réactions de ses ex-compatriotes en voyant la vidéo.