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Conference to conference to conference

Yesterday I spoke at the Forrester Social Media conference. Today at Sime in Stockholm and tomorrow in Moscow. If I continue like this my kids will not recognize me when I get back home… Anyway we have close to 700 participants at LeWeb3 and growing, that’s so exciting thanks for your interest and see you there or… at another conference.

  • http://www.net.typepad.com Netanel Jacobsson

    Hey – this sounds familiar. I am currently in Beijing, home for a week then off to talk at Asian Ventures in San Jose and off to Le Web 3 too Luckily, my I can chat and wave to my kids through the webcam. My kids have become very good at geography at the ages 4 and 2…not too good;)

  • http://blogs.forrester.com/socialmedia/2006/11/a_day_in_the_li.html Forrester Social Media

    A day in the life of a [super-]blogger

    Loic Le Meur spoke during the final session of the Forrester Consumer Forum EMEA 2006. His presentation was humbly titled, The day of a blogger. LOL! If Loic’s life as a blogger is representative, then Davos would be a bunch