» Les Blogs 3 registration open

Les Blogs 3 registration open


We have just opened the registration for Les Blogs 3. The new name is Le Web 3, I wanted it to be more general than just blogs. We had 450 people from 25 countries last year, we expect 1000 bloggers and key Web2.0 players this year. As always, no email or paper invites will be sent and the price is I think as accessible as possible for such an event at 300€+VAT until Nov 11th and 500€ after (including coffee, lunch with I hope as good food as possible this time, a party, and two days conference). I am wondering how we can beta test the food with Marc to make sure it will meet his standards, I’m also thinking about beds in the room so hat Marc can take a nap in better conditions.

I am working on the program right now and will announce it soon. It’s coming ! I will post the plans soon to get your feedback and advise. Thanks for your interest and see you at Le Web 3.