» 20km de Paris run: 1h35

20km de Paris run: 1h35

After a more or less serious training and one year of running I have finally run my first race, the 20km de Paris. 25 000 people ran it with me. The official results are not online yet but my GPS watch gives 1h35 for 20km at an average of 12,9 km/h or 4min40 sec per kilometer, unfortunately I had to do an urine break that has cost me some precious time. I have spent an extraordinary day and will love to do other runs like this one.

The below graph from my GPS Garmin Forerunner 305 shows the speed, elevation and heart rate. The heart rate is completely wrong I wonder why. It’s a brand new Forerunner as the first one kind of died. Weird it looks like Garmin heart rate sensors don’t work very well.


Here is the Google Earth screenshot, you can directly view it in Google earth by downloading it first it’s free and then open with it the file of my run if you like… I like the presentation mode as you kind of fly over the circuit, it’s really cool.