» France’s political parties pursue millions of voters in the blogosphere

France’s political parties pursue millions of voters in the blogosphere

A Financial Times article by Martin Arnold. There were 10 bloggers invited at this year’s French political party UMP convention with the youth. I will post more later on the topic.

  • http://www.enriquedans.com Enrique Dans

    The Partido Popular in Spain did something similar in its National Convention last March. They invited ten bloggers over (some with clear political affinities, others independent and a couple of congress representatives who blog) and organized a roundtable with them. There’s definitely a lot to be said in this so called Politics 2.0, but I’m extremely skeptic about it. I believe most political parties are still in the “mass marketing” or “mass consumption products” phase, and even though they can embrace blogs as a methodology, they are not buying into the whole 2.0 participative approach. They see it as another technology, another way to put together a one-direction-only message. I’m precisely authoring an article about that for ABC, a Spanish newspaper, this coming Friday…

  • http://www.loiclemeur.com/france Loic

    interesting Enrique, I think one thing they definitely got is a huge buzz…

  • http://www.thetravelnet.org Mick Gordon

    Todays blogging phenomenon is undoubtably the tremor that preceeds the tidal wave. Bloggers are an informed – socially-savy segment of todays society and they are likely to increase in influence over the next few years. For the politician it is only prudent to embrace this trend.