» Blackberry Pearl and 8800

Blackberry Pearl and 8800

PearlIt’s been a few days I have been playing with the new Blackberry Pearl. The design is really amazing and it’s incredibly small. The side selector typical of all Blackberries disappears for an Apple mighty mouse like ball in the center, which is pretty good and easy to use. I was afraid of not being able to type fast on the tiny keyboard with less keys than the larger one I have had for a while but it’s actually ok even with my large fingers. I love the design. There is a camera on board which is also big news for a Blackberry but it’s really disappointing in quality. I don’t really care as I usually cary two phones, the second one being a Nokia n93 with great picture and movie quality. Blackberries have also a long tradition of poor quality to… call but this one is really much better and matches any good quality phone. While I’m testing this one, Engadget has already a picture of the future 8800 which has the same ball pointer in the middle. Www.Engadgetmobile.Com Media 2006 09 8800 02

  • http://www.all-tanning-beds.com Shawn

    Simply enticing. But then, I’m looking for camera phones right now, so perhaps I have to skim through Nokia’s phones first before Blackberries.


    Monsieur Loic Lemeur est partout !!!
    Est-ce une célébrité ?
    Est-il en compétition avec N. Sarkozy ?

  • http://www.golfing-advice.com Mary

    That one is tempting….oh, so nice.

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