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Two new segways

 Gadgets SegwayThe Segway has not launched the personal-transport revolution it was supposed to launch, at $5,000… However it’s still a really cool geek toy I’d like to own and have always refrained myself from buying one. In Paris it has remained a toy rented to tourists for Paris tours, I saw a few in Tel Aviv airport, used as a transport device for the staff. No revolution, but each time I tried I was blown away by the way you control it with your body weight. Despite the low sales, Segway has just released two new models, a simpler one than the old version and an all-terrain model. Both have now a bluetooth key that also indicates speed. Price is still around $5,000 and I will still resist.

I wonder if the revolution would happen if it was sold for the price of a high-end bike.

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  • MAO

    You can also explore Amsterdam by Segway with Glide.cc (http://glide.cc).

  • http://www.loiclemeur.com/france Loic

    thanks interesting, I’ll do it next time I go !

  • http://crueltobekind.org Nicole Simon

    I was going through the tourist magazines of San Francisco until my brain suddenly made *meep* – Segway?
    You obviously can do a nice Segway tour in SF, did not know that is working in other cities as well! :) How expensive are they in Paris? (SF was ~ 70 bucks)

  • http://www.freddestin.com Fred Destin

    I did a tour of Antwerp with these babies, great fun. You can ride one backwards at speed… HOWEVER: no way should you ever buy one. You simply cannot lift this contraption on your own. So you might be able to ride it over a single step in front of your home, but having to go up 3 steps is enough to require the help of a second person. So I am afraid it is destined to remain a nice way to whiz tourists around and an exhibit of interest at science parks worldwide.

  • http://www.loiclemeur.com/france Loic

    Nicole in Paris I don’t know, never tried. Fred, yes, that’s what I thought… heavy !

  • http://www.compagnie-faisan.org Jean

    You can tour Lille too with it.
    A good touring device :-)