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The patch anti-love

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Stop being addicted to love, now. Via Caroline [fr].

  • http://skytg24.blogs.com/sky_tg24_pianeta_internet/2006/08/come_patchare_i.html SKY TG24 “Reporter Diffuso”

    Come patchare il sistema operativo dell’amore

    Problemi di cuore? Problemi d’amore?Ecco la patch ;) Link: The patch anti-love : Loic Le Meur Blog

  • Alexandra Guit.

    Super vieux les patchs “to stop caring about love”, j’en ai acheté à la boutique cadeaux du Bon Marché à Noel 2000 !

  • http://www.3arabsoft.com تحميل برامج

    Great work man, I loved it

  • http://keinu.over-blog.com/article-3436101.html keinu



  • http://www.myspace.com/absa2 Absatou

    LOL…& how is it supposed to work? this is crazy! we need more love not less!!!!

  • Sonia

    Lo quiero en España!!!! Cuándo llega?

  • Jonas

    Geez, I wish I had such thing…