» 20 kilometers of Paris: 9164

20 kilometers of Paris: 9164


I have just registered to my first running competition, the 20 km de Paris, on october 15th… I will be n°9164. I am not really looking to do an amazing performance, but rather experience the athmosphere to run with 20 000 people and more than everything it will push me to run regularly until october. Looking forward to other bloggers participating too, maybe we can form a group or train together in Paris.

20KmThe fun part is that there is another Loïc Le Meur who is registered too, I hope I’ll meet him there it will be the first “avatar” I meet :-) Oh, and I apologize to all Loïc Le Meurs of this world for the pollution.

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    I just discovered your site, and you are motivating me with my running. I too am planning on entering the 20km de Paris, but havent registered yet – want to get a few more weeks of training in first, so as not to jinx myself…
    I havent done any interval training so to speak, but have been doing fartleks on my shorter runs; more specifically in the second half of my shorter runs. It seems to help me with my speed, and makes things interesting on the return of the out’n’backs.
    Keep at it, and I hope to see you in October! Btw, for what its worth, … maybe just cut down on the wine, but dont cut it out altogether!!