» Podcast: Al Gore’s speech on environment and the current emergency to act and save our planet

Podcast: Al Gore’s speech on environment and the current emergency to act and save our planet

update: podcast taken offline at TED’s request.

Al Gore has an amazing speech on how the world is in danger if we don’t act now to preserve it. I can only urge you to listen to it if you haven’t, it is really rich and interesting. Be careful this speech will have an effect on you and your vision of our world. I listened to it twice, once in Davos and the second time yesterday and I got scared like hell each time. You can either download the podcast as an mp4a, mp3 or just listen to it directly on this post.

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    It would be good to see a video of this, as you don’t see the images when you just listen to him.

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    Al Gore’s speech on global warming at the TED conference is generating lots of buzz. Here’s where you can here a post-cast of the big guy. Diego Rodriquez’s great blog, Metacool, got me to the speech. The Google PageRank for…

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