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A classic

If you’re (still) interested in the blog versus journalism debate here is a very comprehensive piece by Trevor Butterworth at the FT.com. As far as I am concerned, I am getting (really) bored about this debate, not about blogging obviously. Thanks anyway, Tim.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/dahowlett/ dahowlett

    He has a point about throughput, output and quality.
    But…let me see: I cancelled my sub to WSJ last month and the FT the month before. I don’t get the value I can elsewhere.
    The irony is Tom Feremski – who does Siliconvalleywatcher – gets 3mill page views per month, is ex-FT and does a column for the FT as well as ZDNet.
    Here’s a larger irony – the FT is in merde – see last financial statements from its owners. And since 2004, the FT has managed to get rid of or lose some of its finest talent – period.
    Here’s the biggest irony – recent FT online editors haven’t *really* believed in the medium.
    Make sense of that lot – if you can.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/mariazuppello/ maria72

    Hi, my name is maria Zuppello and I’m the first Italian reporter getting alone, with a small digital camera, without a crew to Antarctica.
    I’m writing from New York where I’m working on a documentary about bioweapons with Danny Schechter. Former CNN and CBS producer Danny won 2 Emmy Awards and he’s famous all around the world to be “the news dissector”: every day he criticizes the American Media System.
    I have been creating a blog about my experience with him
    and he still has his own blog
    You can write in Italian as well as in English
    Keep in touch!

  • http://profile.typekey.com/sillery/ Philip Young

    What exactly are you bored with, Loic? By the substance of the debate, or by admittedly rather tired and overblown retreads of what is to some of us rather familiar ground?
    If the latter, fine, but, for me, it is harder to get bored when the key issue about the role/ potential role of blogs as a mass comms medium is still very far from decided. The EuroBlog survey showed 32pc of PR practitioners have no intention of launching blogs for clients; the FT article suggests 62 per cent aren’t sure what a blog is.
    Do people like you, who have done a great deal to illuminate the benefits of blogging, simply sit back and say, well we’ve been telling you for years and if you didn’t listen…

  • http://profile.typekey.com/YaelElish/ Yael Elish

    I really enjoyed listening to the Gillmor Gang podcast from February 10. One of the tipics covered was blogs versus journalism. Here’s the link: http://gillmorgang.podshow.com/

  • http://profile.typekey.com/dariusdunlap/ Darius

    There’s too much talk about “blogs” and “bloggers” as if it’s a single space with a single purpose and profile. A Blog is a tool – a technology. It can be used in any number of ways, from stories about your kids to musings on life. It can even be used for serious news reporting. Really it’s just a website that’s as easy to update as sending email.
    The hype of blogging serves to make it more visible. That’s got value for those in the business of blogs and blogging. It also creates confusion for those who don’t understand it and just want to know “what it’s for”. So how should the “blogosphere” (if there’s such a thing) answer them?