» Sergey Brin defends China portal

Sergey Brin defends China portal

David Kirkpatrick interviewed in Davos today Sergey Brin on Google’s decision to put up a site in China that accepts censorship. Sergey also had interesting comments on how he deals with specific government requests:

“Fortune: You actually actively block child pornography?

Brin: No, but if we got a specific government request. If a third party makes a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) claim that another party is violating copyright, and that party is not able to counter, then we are obligated to block that.

In France and Germany there are Nazi material laws. One thing we do, and which we are implementing in China as well, is that if there’s any kind of material blocked by local regulations we put a message to that effect at the bottom of the search engine. “Local regulations prevent us from showing all the results.” And we’re doing that in China also, and that makes us transparent.

Fortune: Being born in the Soviet Union you know what the issues are.”