» Podcast: George Soros comments the US economy decline

Podcast: George Soros comments the US economy decline

Podcastloic George Soros shares with us why he is so worried about the US and answers the questions of the press on his vision of the world.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/Guerel/ Guerel

    I don’t agree with Georg Soros when he says that US should have had allowed CNOOC to buy UNOCAL, it would not have pushed China to look for oil in rogue states if the US plays free market. I disagree for three reasons: 1/ China needs so much oil or natural reserves that even if he looks for oil companies in developed countries it will not be enough; 2/ it is intentional for the Chinese government to go to rogue states because it can bother European and US; 3/ the definition “per se” of ethics doesn’t exist in Chinese language.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/macaia/ macaia

    Also disappointing the stance taken by Soros on global warming. He finally recognizes that the global warming issue is there, but he doesn’t suggest anything to solve the problem (stopping wasting energy and investing heavily in renewable sources, or changing modern societies productive model, or shifting to nucelar energy etc).

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