» Take a lesson in German culture

Take a lesson in German culture

Heiko explains the German culture and blogging:

“Germans like to complain. Even during the best of times, Germans will nag about… pretty much everything. That’s why, for example, German tourists have such a bad reputation. Instead of enjoying a nice vacation (and most Germans still have plenty) we like to fuzz about the weather, quality of service, cleanliness, noise, fellow tourists, children, too much sand, too little sand, etc. Why is this important? As a publisher, you gain instant credibility if you join the crowd and support those who complain by feeding them reasons to feel bad. This will cause more general complaints which makes us Germans feel good. I know, this does indeed sound silly, I can’t help it.”

I thought only the French were complaining all the time ?

  • http://bloggingtom.ch/archives/2005/12/14/so-sind-sie-die-deutschen/ BloggingTom

    So sind sie, die Deutschen

    Zum Glück beschreibt Heiko Hebig seine Landsmänner (und -frauen) gleich selber, mich hätte man wohl des Rassismus bezichtigt
    Germans like to complain. Even during the best of times, Germans will nag about pretty much everything. Thats…

  • http://dianemoss.blogspot.com Diane

    In my experience, Germans tend to relish complaining like a science, the French as an art. Germans often qualify and quantify their complaints, take greater pains to make sure they can back up their complaints with research, well-studied moral codes, etc. The French often treat complaining as a human right of self-expression and emotional catharsis. Being born in Southern California, where it is socially illegal to complain, no wonder I live in France with a German mate…

  • http://www.redmonk.com/jgovernor james governor

    come on. everyone knows its the English that complain all the time.
    there seems to be a pattern emerging
    I wish i made it to les blogs…

  • http://mcturgeon.com/blog/ m-c

    uh, and i was (complaining) the same way about people in quebec… and i thought germans where cool!

  • http://dianemoss.blogspot.com Diane

    Why does complaining mean being uncool?
    –Recovering Southern Californian