» Nicolas Sarkozy, Minister of Interior, video podcasted

Nicolas Sarkozy, Minister of Interior, video podcasted


Nicolas Sarkozy, France Minister of Interior and future candidate for the 2007 French Presidential elections welcomed me yesterday in his office at the Ministery. It is the first time ever in France a politician of this rank or Minister is podcasted.

We talked about:

-the Web and blogs

-his way of doing politics

-his answers to recent criticism from French show-business stars regarding his words during the suburbs crisis

-I offer him to announce officially his candidature to the Presidency in 2007 on my blog and he… accepts ;-)

-presents a few wishes to the bloggers and to the French for 2006

Lots of fun meeting Nicolas Sarkozy and doing this podcast ! Sorry it is in French…

On the picture, I am showing a video podcast to Nicolas Sarkozy, on a video iPod of course !


-thanks to
Rodrigo and vpod.tv here is the streaming version

-thanks to Agoravox, there is also a
transcript of the interview [fr]

The result is in my podcast feed (subscribe in iTunes, RSS2) a 20 minutes video (90 Mo mp4v) and audio podcast (9,2 Mo, mp3). Nicolas Sarkozy was the man who managed the so-called “Paris riots” crisis.

Business Week just wrote a nice article about it: “The Podcast shaking up French Politics

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