» I wonder why Stowe does not answer me

I wonder why Stowe does not answer me

Stowe Boyd says he is totally bored with blog conferences and said in this post that he was happy he did not go to Les Blogs (and then apparently deleted it from the post) so I have asked him twice on both posts why he sent me an email a few weeks ago to ask me if he would be invited as a speaker, if he was so bored and happy he did not go.

Stowe did not read my comments apparently… How can you be bored on the one hand and ask me a speakers slot by email at the same time ? Now you have two comments and one trackback from me on the same question.

  • Jonathan Marks

    I think LesBlogs 2.0 was, for the most part, a great conference. There was a lot of input from the other countries, especially during the breaks. There was plenty of fireworks, great networking and genuine expertise. Most people I spoke to were willing to share. I think the next one should be called Beyond Blogs as the social software world is broadening so that Blogs are part of a personal information strategy but (for most of us) not the only way we interact with society. I think Global Voices could have brought some more examples of why they are so enthused by citizen journalism rather than just ticked off with CNN. I hope Six Apart will start using wiki type technology too.
    It would also be useful if Six Apart would develop a way to “give” someone a weblog for Christmas. I would like to be able to set up a weblog and then give the whole site (including the admin keys) to someone else as a present. Can’t seem to find how to do that in Typepad.
    regards from Amsterdam,

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    I am working through the monumental batch of comments that people have been kind enough to leave on Get Real in the past few weeks, and I have been remiss in repsonding to many of them, such as Loic’s posts…