» 17,5 million French know what a blog is !

17,5 million French know what a blog is !

Today, Mediametrie-Nielsen announced the very first survey of blogs, which they have done using a software-spy (with the user agreement !) on 8000 computers around France. They compare the data collected using a phone survey of 12 000 people…

If you speak French, I podcasted the Internet head of Mediametrie, François-Xavier Hussherr.

Here are the numbers in October 05:

-73% of French internet users know what a blog is, 9 web user on 10 of 15-24 age know blogs.

-blogs are read by 3 web users on 10, or 6,7 million french, or 28% of French internet users

-1 on 10 have created a blog or 2 271 000 french people or 9,3% french internet users

-8 bloggers on 10 are less than 24 years old

-the three first blogging platforms

1. Skyblog

17,5% of internet users or 3 428 000 French people have read a Skyblog

2. Six Apart

11,3% of internet users or 2 212 000 French people have read a Six Apart blog (TypePad, Live Journal, U-blog)

3. Over blog

9,3% of internet users or 1 815 000 French people.

Six Apart blogs are 15 times more read than Skyblog in average per blog

-Skyrock has 3 428 000 internet readers and today they announce 3 376 941 blogs, that is around 1 reader per created blog

-Six Apart has 2 271 000 internet users who read around 150 000 Six Apart blogs in France (we don’t communicate the split per brand or the exact number so you will have to trust me on this one) which is 15 readers in average per blog and our blogs are read by 15 times more readers than Skyblog.