» My conferences speaking schedule now in Eventful

My conferences speaking schedule now in Eventful

Originally saw it on Sam’s blog and I really liked the idea of Eventful, a social software to share your events with friends, I started using it for the conferences I speak to and added the end of 2005 ones. The conferences are now in my sidebar (bottom right, I know it starts getting messy) and also available here and as Ical and RSS feeds… Here they are in clear:

  • http://freet0p.info/a/aim-hijacker.html the increasing

    Ronaldo Not For Sale

    of Cristiano being sold. Cristiano recently signed a new contract until 2010 and the club fully expects him to honour that contract.

  • http://aretp.info/a/advert-and.html ministers resigned

    More ministers quit Somali govt as talks postponed

    - Twelve more ministers resigned from Somalia’s Western-backed government on Tuesday,