» I did not know that Jeff Jarvis was so anti-French

I did not know that Jeff Jarvis was so anti-French

Jeff Jarvis because he could not get wifi in his Paris hotel:

“the only means I have of getting onto the internet to whine to you has a French keyboard where qwerty becomes azerty, just to be different, and the period key requires using shift — confirming my long-held suspicion that, indeed, the French never do come to a period in their nonstop sentences.”

“insert your own joke about why the French are a third-world country here: _____________________”

Good to know Jeff thinks so much of himself as superior. I am not saying we’re better but please count the homeless you see in the streets of your city and say again we’re so much third-world…

Here is a comment I just left on Jeff’s post:

Honestly Jeff, I have a sense of humor and I have a full category on my blog making fun of French things too even though I am French, but I still think you go too far, do you really think the USA is superior in so many ways ? I love the US and I am with a US company, still, there are many aspects I don’t really like either.

Treating ourselves as a third world country is the typical US way of thinking, why the hell our keyboard should be the same as yours and should we eat the same shitty McDonalds and Coca-Cola ?

You don’t travel enough, Jeff. If you did, you would see that almost all countries have a different keyboard than yours you consider as a reference, as you do consider apparently everything US as reference.

Count the homeless in the streets in your city for example and tell me how this is successful. I am not saying we’re better on that, but considering yourself as superior as you do makes anti-americanism spread and grow in the World. This is bad. Via