» France riots: 3 bloggers arrested by the police

France riots: 3 bloggers arrested by the police

*** update: I was apparently unclear below, apologies: I have nothing to do with these bloggers being arrested by the police and Six Apart was not hosting them, but the French radio Skyrock (Skyblog). They were calling for violence and riots on their blogs, trying to get more people in the streets burning cars and schools, this is why the police arrested them ***

Unfortunately many “kids” living in the suburbs are encouraging violence and crime using blogs and three of them where arrested ([FR, AP]) by the Police today. I can only approve that, blogs are not above the law and we should stop people encouraging violence using them.

As a blog host, we are in close contact with the Police and help them in case this happens, never happened on our brands up to now.

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  • http://pohparah.org x33x

    I wonder why the blogosphere is so quiet about these riots. It’s as if people couldn’t decide if they want this to stop or not. Maybe they’re afraid of the consequences of saying “stop it” (Le Pen or Sarko?). Maybe they want things to deeply change too. I think everyone’s afraid of it. It’s that serious.

  • http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/4414538.stm x33x

    I meant “public opinion blogosphere” ;)

  • http://nakedconversations.com shel Israel

    This post just begs for expansion. Just what did these bloggers do? Just how did you cooperate? What is the result? Are bloggers informed that Six Apart will inform on them if they engage in criminal activity?

  • http://www.instantpeoplecheck.com criminal records

    this is very shocking i never would of thougth blogging would get you in trouble

  • http://redcouch.typepad.com/weblog/2005/11/loic_posts_on_b.html Naked Conversations

    Loic Posts On Blogging Rioters

    Loic posts what I consider a most disturbing blog on the terrible Paris riots, which are now spreading to other cities. Apparently, three rioters were bloggers who encouraged others to take on the police, and they have been arrested. Loic

  • Ashton Ricco

    I think the problem lies with too-generous welfare benefits. France should try what worked well in the USA a few years ago, putting lifetime limits on unearned public payments and requiring appropriate labour from the recipients; the result having been amazingly efficient at motivating the beneficiaries to accept real jobs and join society as productive members. At the very least, it would leave fewer persons with time to riot.

  • http://www.merodeando.com Julio Alonso

    Any discussion on the French language blogs?

  • AmericaIsTehSuck

    Europe must repaganize.
    Shed the supposed “kinship” with these unruly hordes.
    Time for the Abrahamic experiment on a non-Abrahamic people to be scrapped.
    No pagan is afriad to say “stop it”, they are unmoved by Christian logic.

  • bob

    You’re 100% for the blog stuff, but not for their contents.
    Tu défends donc les blogs, mais pas leur contenu.

  • bob

    France riots bloggers arrested
    Six Apart : “I can only approve that” said LoicLeMeur
    “As a blog host, we are in close contact with the Police” :
    China Rules for France ?
    Money money money…..

  • Tina Green

    To “Criminal Records”
    As most news sources seem to be indicating, the rioters have been young people, generally, not those of working age. But if they were mostly adults, yes, the “real jobs” of which you speak–$6/hour wage labor without health insurance, overtime or vacation pay–would happily keep them from fighting against the injustices of racial discrimination in France. Pity the world is forced to rekon with their discontent; pity France can’t emulate the U.S. in its labor laws and welfare reforms. Look how well the U.S. has done by them. Katrina was a refreshing reminder of the benefits of joining “society as productive members.”

  • http://nakedconversations.com shel Israel

    Thanks for clarifying what you had to say. Enjoy your kite surfing. It is probably a good time to get out of Paris for a few days. See you in three weeks.

  • http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Vive_le_Qu%C3%A9bec_libre_speech Me

    Personally I believe the Muslims in France should take a page from the French in Canada and attempt to seperate from France.
    The speech of July 24, 1967 by French President Charles de Gaulle should become the rallying cry for Frances oppressed Muslims.
    Vive Parisistan!
    Vive le Francistan!…
    Vive le Francistan… libre!!!
    Vive le Francistan arabic!
    Et vive la Francistan!!!
    Long live Paristan!
    Long live Francistan! …
    Long live Francistan … free!!!
    Long live Arabic Francistan!
    And long live Francistan!!!
    Hey if it was good enough for French President Charles de Gaulle why should it not be good enough for the citizens of France.
    Peace be with you.

  • katie

    is there no freedom of speech in france? i don’t think taht posting on a blog causes a clear and present danger. maybe thats just my american way of thinking. its rediculous to punish these kids…

  • duds

    there is freedom of speech here in france…and it was dangerous to incite rioting. one man has already died here…it’s not worth it at all…

  • http://irish.typepad.com/irisheyes/2005/11/french_bloggers.html IrishEyes

    French bloggers arrested

    FRENCH POLICE ARRESTED three bloggers who used the Skyblog service to incite riots. They used the Skyblogs to call for violence and riots and suggested ways people could take action in the streets by burning cars and schools. Police read

  • http://www.david-castera.com/index.php?2005/11/10/123-de-la-responsabilite-des-plate-formes-de-blogs dé signes : le blog de David Castéra

    De la responsabilité des plate-formes de blogs…

    Je viens de lire un post trés interessant de Shel Israel sur Naked Conversations.
    Celui-ci s’interroge sur l’implication de Six Apart dans l’arrestation des trois émeutiers skybloggers, implication rapidement démentie par Loic Le Meur.

  • http://www.isiahs.info/accent-plate-pearl-9/pottery-plate/french-plate/ French Plate

    French Plate

    Even if it wasnt festooned with an Given the fierce temperature of some of th

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