» Understanding how blogging and traditional PR intersect

Understanding how blogging and traditional PR intersect

Niall Kennedy (Technorati):

“Is receiving a press release from a PR agency just more spam? What about product discounts or free goods? Are there better ways for traditional marketers and bloggers to interact? What is the implicit contract created when marketers and bloggers communicate? What are the ethical questions? What are companies not listening to that they should be listening to?”

Take the survey. Disclosure: I invested in Technorati. Update: Jackie answered the survey and shares her thoughts.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/dahowlett/ Dennis Howlett

    There is no intersection, there is nothing to understand here.
    Jackie’s comments are the same Laundry List pro tech (UK) journos have been pushing to PRs for at least 8 years. We had exactly the same thing when launching Information Week UK 1996/97. The cry was: ‘no users, no story.’ But hey – PR was too powerful at the time, effectively neutering the stories because they couldn’t/wouldn’t put customers in front of people like me. It didn’t always stop us but often it devalued the ‘story.’ Nothing has changed.
    The going forward difference is/will be in the ‘how’ the PR industry responds as the ‘real’ stories leak out. Which is why we need in-industry experts who have experience to come out and say what really happens. Will they do it? I don’t know.
    Let’s put it this way. I plan attending a tech conference nect month where I’m known as a kick-ass journo/commentator. I’m currently asking for interviews that will be podcasted (correct English?) and blogged. Guess what – the repsonse is ‘uh?’ I’ll do it anyway and see what happens. If it works – great. If it doesn’t then – great. I’ll have learned something along the way.
    Everyone – and I mean anyone who cares about what this technology does – needs to understand that HUGE value can be generated when the end customer speaks – because they are the ones people believe. Not the hacks, flacks and other hangers on.