» The PubSub 1000 influence list (ego surfing)

The PubSub 1000 influence list (ego surfing)

Thanks to AtikiBlog [FR] I discover the live PubSub 1000: “the list of the most consistently influential sites that publish feeds, based on their average LinkRank scores over the past 30 days” as PubSub describes it. Other ego lists: Technorati top 100 (live) and Feedster 500 (august 2005). PubSub averaged over 16 million sources.

All these lists provide different results as the exercise is difficult, but what I like about this one is that it takes into account the full domain and not the blogs themselves and does not exclude the non english speaking blogs like Feedster does. I had written a post to explain myself more on this: the world goes beyond english speaking blogs.

#1 is bbc.co.uk

#2 is the New York Times

#3 is the Washingtonpost

#4 is news.bbc.co.uk

#5 is CNN

#6 is Google ???!

#14, the first blog looks like boingboing no surprise

#18 the second is dailykos

Ego surfing: the blogs on this domain loiclemeur.com (EN, FR and moblog) are #451

  • http://www.merodeando.com/blog/archivos/2005/09/27-top-1000-de-pubsub.php Merodeando por la enredadera

    Top 1.000 de PubSub

    PubSub ha empezado a publicar un índice actualizado en tiempo real de los 1.000 más influyentes, definidos como Una lista de los sitios que publican feeds más consistentemente influyentes, basado en su puntuación de LinkRank media durante los últimos 30……

  • http://bobwyman.pubsub.com/ Bob Wyman

    You are, of course, correct in noting that PubSub does not distinguish between blogs based on language. Our LinkRanks 1000 list has many non-English sites in it and we like it that way. (As an ex-resident of Cannes, I like to see the French blogs!…) The “global conversation” is one that goes on in many languages at the same time and we must respect that. In the future, we might create a new set of language specific lists, however, I’m quite happy with the global nature of the LinkRanks 1000 today.
    One thing I’m not happy about is that I think it is not as easy as it should be for us to find non-English blogs. It seems to me that very few of the non-English blogs ping PubSub or the other ping servers that work with the FeedMesh. It also appears that a higher percentage of non-English blogs do not have feeds. It would help us very much in the process of collecting non-English/non-US blogs if the publishers of such blogs would ensure that they offer RSS or Atom feeds (Atom preferred…) and that they ping services like PubSub, Ping-O-Matic, pingoat, etc…
    bob wyman

  • http://www.loiclemeur.com Loic

    Thanks Bob for your comment !
    I actually don’t ping pubsub myself, what is the ping url ?
    You’re right many non US blogs don’t have RSS or ping anything, I actually work on that for Europe everyday and we have more and more TP/MT/LJ blogs that do have what you require.

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