» Hubert Burda’s site launch !

Hubert Burda’s site launch !

 Photos Uncategorized 14092005003We’re here in Paris with Marcel Reichart and we’re so proud to announce the launch of Hubert Burda‘s blog site powered by blog software. Thank you very much Dr Burda and Marcel for having chosen Movable Type as platform. Hubert Burda does not need an introduction I guess but just in case here is a bio. I had the pleasure to meet Hubert Burda and Marcel in Davos where we shared a blogging panel. This was two years ago and I was impressed how Dr Burda understood the power of blogs at that time already.

We wish Dr Burda a great experience !

update: I see congratulations but also some criticism appearing around this blog such as the style, the closed comments and the RSS feed. The RSS feed is in but not linked yet, I am sure they’ll add it. As far as the other remarks are concerned, my take is that it is always excellent news that a CEO of a large company -who by definition does not have much time and is not a geek- starts the blogging experience. I don’t think we as bloggers should be tough on these initiatives and on the contrary welcome them to the blogosphere. On the contrary, we should make suggestions and help, don’t you think ?

update2: having discussed with Marcel, the intention is to begin by a Dr Burda’s website and our mistake was to present it as a blog. You’re right, it’s not one (comments, style) and they don’t pretend it’s one, blame my blog post, sorry about the confusion…