» Kataweb: our first TypePad partnership in Italy

Kataweb: our first TypePad partnership in Italy

Kataweb is the interactive team of one of the largest media group in Italy, that edits La Repubblica (one of the first daily newspaper). Kataweb has just launched its free blog offering based on TypePad, as well as many journalists blogs. We are very happy that Kataweb chose our solution for their blogs and whish them a great success in Italy. Again, thanks, Paolo, for your help to set this up.

We now count 13 large media companies and Internet service providers that have launched their blog offerings using the TypePad platform, Neufblog (France), Turboblog (France), Le Monde (France), VNUNet (France), T-Online (Germany), 01 Net (France), Europe 2 (France), Cadres OnLine (France), Psychologies (France), Club-Internet (France), Noos (France), VTX (Switzerland) and Kataweb (Italy).