» John Gibson (Fox News) wishes the French would have dealt with the security issues of terrorism threats

John Gibson (Fox News) wishes the French would have dealt with the security issues of terrorism threats

Update: the post was dated before the bombings, so I agree my title was a bit misleading (just changed it), but I think Gibson’s intentions are confirmed by the note he posted the day after his post, check this one:

“The bombings in London: This is why I thought the Brits should let the French have the Olympics – let somebody else be worried about guys with backpack bombs for a while.”

Gibson JohnWhat kind of journalist are you, Mr Gibson ? I see your article, Missed Opportunity, as racism and defamation to the French. Actually you could have replaced Paris and the French by any other city and people, I would have thought exactly the same of your words, you are dangerous and I wonder how any media can give you a tribune with such an article. Too bad you don’t have a blog, Mr Gibson, too bad you don’t have comments on your article, I really wish I would see the reactions of your readers. It is with the kind of words you have that hate and racism like yours spread around the world.

John Gibson:

“Paris was exactly the right place to pick and the Olympic committee screwed up.

Why? Simple. It would have been a three-week period where we wouldn’t have had to worry about terrorism.

First, the French think they are so good at dealing with the Arab world that they would have gone out and paid every terrorist off. And things would have been calm. Or another way to look at it is the French are already up to their eyeballs in terrorists. The French hide them in miserable slums, out of sight of the rich people in Paris.

So it would have been a treat, actually, to watch the French dealing with the problem of their own homegrown Islamist terrorists living in France already.”


It would have been a delight to have Parisians worried about security instead of New Yorkers. It would have been exquisite to watch.

But, alas, they picked London. I like the Brits. I like London. I hate to see them going through all this garbage when it would have been just fine in Paris.”

Dear Mr Gibson, we have dealt many times with terrorism in France, and I can tell you as well that Parisians and the French are worried about security. Your words are just impossible for me to qualify. Shame on you. Actually I found a few words: articles like this one generate hate and terrorism, you are just like them.

Update: the readers of my french blog want your apologies, Mr Gibson. and another one tells me that Gibson posts anonymously to FuckFrance.com. Just added “nofollow” to the Fox links.

Lots of reactions already, thanks: Robert Scoble, Dennis Howlett, the Gadget Guy, Joi, Neville, Doc, and many others.

  • http://www.viewfromthebasement.typepad.com brodie

    no one here in the UK would wish what happened in London on anyone. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by what has happened in London, but also for those in Baghdad who daily face such terror.
    Shame on Mr Gibson!

  • http://www.bazaarz.com Dennis Howlett

    I have one word for this ‘journalist’ – arsehole

  • http://www.m-e-x.de/blog/index.php/archives/2005/07/08/ein-brief-an-die-terroristen/ MEX Blog

    Ein Brief an die Terroristen

    A Letter to the terrorists:
    And that’s because we’re better than you. Everyone is better than you. Our city works. We rather like it. And we’re going to go about our lives. We’re going to take care of the lives you ruined. And …

  • http://www.paris14.info Pierre Vallet

    …I lived one year in San Francisco. I love the US. Most American people I know love France and the French. Fox is the most stupid news network ever created. Look at the results in Irak. Each day, American soldiers are dying because of Fox lies and support to a stupid war that is turning into a next Vietnam…
    So, most Americans must know now about it and this guy is just losing a bit more credibility. Fox News is bullshit and a assholes’ nest.
    I hope Fox will promote him. He’s just qualified for the next level of management at Fox.

  • http://bazet.blogs.com Laurent Bazet

    hey John Gibson, calm down… What about a haircut, a glass of french wine and a new job?

  • http://www.gadgetguy.de/index.php/2005/07#Isn_t_it_about_time_FOX_News_is_being_shut_down_ www.gadgetguy.de – The GadgetGuy

    Isn’t it about time FOX News is being shut down?

    Why? Just read this piece of crap by John Gibson, and Loic le Meur’s thoughts on it.
    What a wanker.
    You’ll probably want to write an email to his boss asking him to fire that “journalist”.

  • http://joi.ito.com/archives/2005/07/07/london_explosions.html Joi Ito’s Web

    London Explosions

    Anyone who is tuning in right now… about 2 hours ago a series of explosions were reported in London involving the Underground and a bus. The BBC reports “Large numbers of casualties have been reported after at least six explosions…

  • John Smith

    The headline of this post is extremely misleading. This opinion piece by the guy at fox news had absolutely nothing to do with the london bombing. in fact if you check the dateline you’ll notice it was written before the bombing occurred. If you’re going to rip some guy for having an opinion you don’t agree with, it’d be best if you didn’t resort to the same dirty tricks.

  • http://www.merodeando.com/blog/archivos/2005/07/08-john-gibson-de-fox-news-dice-que-hubiera-preferido.php Merodeando por la enredadera

    John Gibson de Fox News dice que hubiera preferido los ataques terroristas en París

    Increible y totalmente inaceptable. John Gibson, periodista de Fox News, afirma en un infame artículo que es una pena que Londres haya ganado la carrera olímpica y que los atentados hayan sido en Londres. Dice que hubiera sido mucho mejor…

  • Loic

    I reckon my title can be a little misleading John, but I am sorry but I don’t use racist words against anybody in the World, on my blog or anywhere.
    Also, comparing a title on my blog to an article in Fox News… is very nice for my ego but does not have the same impact, sorry.

  • Loic

    John, just noticed the date is July 06, indeed before the bumbs, you are right.
    You know what ? I think it makes it even worse, and the fact that this horror happened in London after an article like that will probably make him feel very bad about it, at least I hope.

  • http://sepulveda.net Rodrigo A. SEPULVEDA SCHULZ

    That this person works for Fox News (masters of deception in the media since the invasion of Irak) says it all.

  • http://jdoe.com/ John Doe

    First, Gibson’s remarks were in VERY poor taste. Terrorism is a scourge and all peace-loving nations (from East or West) needs to face it as one — today it’s London, tomorrow it could be Vienna or Bonn, LA or DC, Mumbai or Sydney.
    However, as a conservative (small c) who has this line of argument thrust at him several times, I’d like to ask your French readers to wonder for a moment why so many Americans and Britons hate them so. Hate, of course, is too strong a word — substitute it with ‘don’t like them’ if you please.
    The point of this is that we do feel let down by France. Our grudge is not against the French people or French culture (Freedom Fries notwithstanding), it is against the appalling (as we see it) policies of the French government.
    And until that is resolved one way or another I’m afraid you will see much more hostility towards the French on the airwaves, protestations on weblogs notwithstanding.

  • http://www.altiweb.com/ Emmanuel

    To John Smith : Please John, have a look to the next post of John Gibson : http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,161864,00.html
    He wrote it after the bombing and the beginning is : “The bombings in London: This is why I thought the Brits should let the French have the Olympics”

  • Loic

    Thanks Emmanuel, this confirms what I thought.
    John, good thoughts, many people ping me saying that many people actually hate the French and we should wonder why.
    I’ll talk about it on my French blog, it is an interesting question, however I still feel very good about our Government not supporting the war in Irak, the US could have found a better use of 60 billion$ a year if that’s the right number I heard. Oh Cost of war says close to 200B$

  • http://restiffbard.com/ Chris

    Hi, got here via Scoble.
    Just wanted to toss my American view point into the mix. Gibson is a dick. There’s no polite way to describe him.
    Personally I’ve always thought the French were cool enough. Funny thing my friend said the other day, “Without the French we’d be British and they’d be German.”
    As far I’m concerned we should be better friends than we are.

  • http://paolo.evectors.it/2005/07/08.html#a2565 Paolo’s Weblog.

    Missed opportunity to shut up

    Lo•c is commenting about John Gibson’s article titled Missed Opportunity where Mr.

  • http://brh.numbera.com/software/xblist/ Ben Hollis

    I called the loathsome Fox News Channel’s public line (1-888-369-4762 in the US) and complained about the comments, calling for at the least an apology, at the best John Gibson’s dismissal. Unfortunately, it’s just recorded, so I doubt it’ll even be heard. I may call their corporate offices in the morning in hopes of getting a human being.

  • http://bloggingtom.ch/?p=258 BloggingTom

    London Bombings: Reaktionen

    Der heutige Tag wird wohl anders sein. Anders als all die Tage vorher. Wie werden sich die Briten wohl fühlen, wenn sie heute wieder Busse und die Tube besteigen, um an ihre Arbeitsplätze zu gelangen? Es wird wohl keinen geben, der die Bilder von gest…

  • http://www.nevon.net/nevon/2005/07/fox_journalist_.html NevOn

    Fox journalist says ‘Terrorism ok in Paris’

    The London bombings yesterday are fresh in everyone’s minds. Now, 38 dead and over 700 seriously injured. The death toll will probably rise. You wouldn’t wish that on any other city, would you? Paris, for example? Yet that is a

  • Danno

    Schadenfreude is something you’re supposed to keep on the INSIDE.
    And speculative schadenfruede is plain messed up.

  • http://www.johnniemoore.com/blog Johnnie Moore

    Gibson’s remarks are as offensive as they are stupid. Sadly, the are fairly typical of the quality of his analysis.
    I know that the Brits and the French quite enjoy teasing each other but we also know when to show solidarity. As do most Americans. But not, it seems, this man.

  • http://www.wow-factor.com John

    I’ve written an associated article on the irony of the NYT journalist, Miller, being jailed for not revealing her source while the Murdoch idiots get to spew forth clap trap and go untouched.
    Well done England and well done France.
    And while France missed the Olympics, no one can run a bike race like the French :)

  • http://www.hyperorg.com/blogger/mtarchive/004194.html Joho the Blog

    John Gibson enjoys terrorism

    Loic Le Meur points to Fox News’ John Gibson’s disgusting, historically stupid and morally reprehensible article, Missed Opportunity, in which he wishes the terrorists had attacked Paris: “It would have been a delight to have Parisians worried about se…

  • Grégory Herbé

    Answer him : myword@foxnews.com
    Racist and basic idiot reaction !

  • http://spaces.msn.com/members/mystash Jonathan

    Hi, got here via Scoble as well.
    Apolgies for all things Gibson and Fox. As a USA citizen, I do not understand or accept Fox even on a good day. Fox does not represent or inform me.
    I have never been given any plausable reason to dislike anything French. Why do my countrymen think hatred for France is patriotism instead of racism?
    That is not acceptable behavior. I love the French and I will not stop drinking their wines. To better friendships…Salud.

  • Seth

    I can’t find the part where John Gibson says he wishes the French would have suffered from the bombings.
    I do not defend his comments, but I think you have interpreted his comments incorrectly. I read his comments as most pointing out the fact that there are many terrorist residing in France and it would have been interesting to see the French have to deal with their own population being the security risk.

  • Papillon

    ‘Ello, Scoble showed me the way here and I want to say: what’s with all the nationalistic chest thumping? When it comes to judging the next person’s qualities, citizenship amounts to nothing more than a bureaucratic convenience, not a way of distinguishing between the good, the bad and the ugly. People are people anywhere and everywhere. One should apply the same canons to judge fellow human beings wherever they come from.
    I’ll too gladly and angrily clamour for Gibson’s resignation/dismissal based on his bigoted, ignorant, incendiary, and inconsiderate remarks/opinion. They/It have/has no place on a responsible public forum.
    However, I call for my fellow protesters to appreciate that nationality has little forbearance on character, wisdom or the deep-seated motivations for a political stance. My being British (or not) should neither entrust me with friendship nor warrant enmity.
    Allow me also to express my admiration and gratefulness to Robert and to Loic for taking such a public stance and allowing us to express ourselves on this forum.
    For lesser prejudice,

  • http://www.parmet.net/pr David Parmet

    American of French descent here… and very proud of it.
    Let us not overrate Fox / Faux news – John Gibson has an audience of a couple of hundred thousand cranky middle-aged white guys who wonder why they can’t call them ‘gals’ or ‘coloreds’ anymore.
    And let me second Papillon’s comments. On a day like yesterday we’re all Londoners and an ass like Gibson is an ass period, not an American ass, but an ass.

  • http://restiffbard.com/ Chris

    And while France missed the Olympics, no one can run a bike race like the French :)

    Here, here! I was just watching the race before I read this earlier. There is no better advertisement for travel to France than le Tour.

  • Steven

    why do you give him such weight? fox is simply trying to get ratings… your outrage is all they need to know they have an audience. would u really get so upset if you read the same thing in a supermarket tabloid? news is bbc, rfi, etc… it’s no longer the domain of fox or even cnn for that matter.

  • http://webreakstuff.com/blog/2005/07/how-to-suck-as-a-journalist-fox-news-style/ WeBreakStuff – Blog

    How to suck as a journalist, Fox News style

    I should stop posting about news because that’s not what this weblog is about, but I need to stand by Loic Le Meur and everybody else when saying John Gibson is what you might call a royal asshole. So this so called “Fox News” class…

  • http://sfadayinthelife.blogspot.com Steven Frein

    Anyone who judges a country or group of people in general is ignorant. Every country has the good and bad, but at the end of the day we are all human living on one planet. I just visited France for the first time and found the people to be kind and friendly. We all have much more in common than we do in strife.
    Keep up the good work in blogging and thanks to RSS and Technorati I can get a French POV.

  • JC

    How is John Gibson’s statements any different than when the Western press reported cheerfully the number of Nazi casualties in WWII? Why could journalists choose sides then? Since when did “objectivity” require that journalists treat the good and the bad buys as morally equivalent? As I see it, France is an accomplice to Islamic fascism. France interjected itself in this war when it chose to block the US at every turn, when it decided to aid and abed the terrorists with their anti-US propoganda. If France has the “courage” to interject itself in the war, it shouldn’t be suprised when people, including journalists have something to say about it.

  • http://www.kozoru.com Justin Gardner

    Hey there. The link doesn’t work. Here’s the right link.

  • Loic

    Thanks Justin, I had messed up with the no follow link. Corrected.

  • http://tailfins.blogspot.com Arul Sundaram

    I’m not defending John Gibson, but I want to make clear an important distinction: this is NOT racism.
    The French people are not a race. Further, Gibson is criticising French people of all races for the way their democratically elected government as welll as their popular press has acted. This is a FAR cry from racism.
    Racism is being persecuted because of something you cannot control – i.e., the color of your skin, the shape of your eyes, etc. If you really must extend it to, “Where you were born,” fine. However, Gibson seems to be quite specifically directing hateful remarks toward a group of people who have actively participated in creating their environment.
    Again, I’m not defending Gibson – it seems shocking to me that anyone would wish for the premature, violent death of other people, which it does seem that Gibson implies – but to accuse him of racism is way over the top. To me, it smacks of someone who’s never actually encountered racism.

  • John Davies

    All I read in his comments is that he thinks that France should stop standing on the sidelines and start getting involved in the fight against terrorism.
    Since I’m currently reading Eurabia, I can’t see a thing wrong with his comments.
    Can you point out where he is wrong?

  • http://www.johnniemoore.com/blog/archives/001031.php Johnnie Moore’s Weblog

    There’s always one

    Scoble points to Loic LeMeur:.John Gibson (Fox News) wishes the French would have suffered from the bombings I usually find it helpful to separate a person’s identity from his behaviour. This would guide me to criticise Gibson’s comments rather than…

  • http://www.johnniemoore.com/blog Johnnie Moore

    Loic: Gibson may not be the only tactless person at Fox News: Read this: http://mediamatters.org/items/200507070007

  • http://blog.onedotseven.net mika

    Arul, you are right: this is not racism (races do exist only in the eyes of racists anyway), this is xenophobia. And hate. And that’s not better…
    John: don’t be a smartass, you know exactly what this columnist means.

  • http://persone.softwarelibero.org/person/baluba Antonio

    A tiny but crucial note for US readers: french position on and in opposition to the war as has been conducted in Iraq represents not only the inhabitants of that country, but also speaks on behalf of a vast majority of european public opinion. And that is particulary true in the case of those people, whose governments decided otherwise, that is italians, spaniards and britons.
    So portraying disagreement to the war in Iraq as a mere result of french egotism or some other national mania of our cousins, other than being indeed racist, can be quite misleading.

  • John Davies

    Although most of the time I am a smartass, I am not being one here.
    Gibson is saying that France appeases terrorists. Well, they do – take for example their fawning over Arafat.
    He says that they buy off terrorists. Well, again, where is the argument? Remember Florence Aubenas?
    Do you have a complaint about terrorists being in the slums around big cities in France? Well, where do the people who burn synagogues live? How about the sections of Paris that the police are afraid to patrol?

  • Kenneth Rohde

    Here’s what I wrote to Mr. GIbson in an email.
    You can email his show at: mywords@foxnews.com
    “Dear Mr. Gibson,
    If you write articles like the one you recently wrote about “Missed Opportunity” I think you should come to Paris to let the Parisians seize the missed opportunity. Let them give you a good beating for the disgraceful words that come out of your mouth. How dare an American speak of a European country like that when you have absolutely nothing better to show for it. I really wish, hope, and pray that that was the last article you wrote for Fox News. You can’t be that stupid…. honestly…”

  • http://menti.net Mario

    I wrote this letter to John Gibson at mywords@foxnews.com
    John Gibson, you write:
    > But, alas, they picked London. I like the Brits. I like London. I hate to see them going through all this garbage when it would
    > have been just fine in Paris.
    > The bombings in London: This is why I thought the Brits should let the French have the Olympics (search ) — let
    > somebody else be worried about guys with backpack bombs for a while.
    You like the Brits? You like London? Well, I have news for you: they hate ignorant backward morons like you! Believe me, there isn’t a soul in London today who wouldn’t absolutely despise your primitive remarks. You are a disgrace to the idea of a fair, thinking, reasonable human community,
    I can only pity you and hope you won’t bother us much longer with your sad small-minded excuses for what is usually called journalism (exception granted in your case, so as not to taint the real journalists and writers out there).
    If I was able, I would take some consolation by spitting in your face,
    Mario Menti
    London, UK

  • http://huard.info/2005/07/09/16-mister-gibson-you-must-quit Pierre-Selim: Mangez des Fraises

    Mister Gibson you must quit

    What kind of man can pretend that it would have been great if the bombing of july the 7th had took place in Paris? It was an horrible day, I wish it never happened, …

  • http://www.guillaumeb.com Guillaume

    I’m simply amazed a so-called democratic coutry allows Hate Appealers to write such articles on a big media. Conservative brainstorming and US Patriotism has turned into pure racism…opening the road to the Amrican nightmare

  • Thomas Sanderson

    One of the reasons we’re democratic is this little thing called Freedom of Speech. And to paraphrase a very famous Frenchman, “I do not agree with what you say but I shall defend to the death your right to say it.”
    Gibson may have said something obnoxious but the day they are barred from the media by some Higher Authority(tm) is the day we ossify.
    When you speak about ‘the people of Europe’ — you do mean the urban elite, right? How many people away from the urban centres do you know? And — we do consider Europeans to be our friends, however friends can and do disagree. We have chosen to fight and we will continue to fight even when Europe’s dwindling populations are overrun by the Islamist horde intent upon running Europe by Shariat.
    Yes, the war or Iraq is costly. So was the invasion of Normandy and our involvement in WWII, especially when you correct for inflation. Perhaps we should have been brought out our ledger books then — but we didn’t and I’m glad for that. Doing the right thing cannot be measured on a balance-sheet alone.

  • http://www.wow-factor.com John

    @Thomas Sanderson…
    “but the day they are barred from the media by some Higher Authority(tm) is the day we ossify.”
    Tell that to Judith Miller

  • Thomas Sanderson

    Re Judith Miller,
    That is a red herring and you know it. Judith Miller hss not been barred from journalism. Her brief incarceration will likely even aid her career. No high arbiter of taste decided she “wasn’t good enough” to be on the newspapers or TV — a court of law found she had obstructed an investigation.
    What Guillaume wants to do, however, is hound Gibson off the air because he doesn’t like what he’s saying. That is disgusting, not least because the French were once at the forefront of free thought and free speech (hence the Voltaire attribution above)
    If a minor Fox news talking head can sully French honor today with a silly remark, then there isn’t much French honor left in the first place.

  • http://weblogs.asp.net/fmarguerie Fabrice

    This is not about the Frenchs, this is about humans. This guy says he would enjoy seeing others deal with terrorists. Everybody knows what terrorists do, so this cannot be accepted as a “silly remark”.
    What is even more frightening, even if expected, is that some are defending this kind of opinions! See the comments on my post.

  • http://www.guillaumeb.com Guillaume

    Well “what Guillaume” really would like is to see “objective ” medias in the USA that actually stop brainstorming the whole population thru Conservative-Republican racist propagandas like this one. This is not patriotism, this is not nationalism, this is getting to extremism…the open door to tarrorism by the way. Now who’s the smartest in here?
    FYI, that was this kind of brainstorming that was used by the KKK after the Civil War. You start to joke, then you insult, then you beat…and around you see people laughing eating their “Freedom Fries”.

  • http://www.johnniemoore.com/blog/archives/001031.php Johnnie Moore’s Weblog

    There’s always one

    Scoble points to Loic LeMeur:.John Gibson (Fox News) wishes the French would have suffered from the bombings I usually find it helpful to separate a person’s identity from his behaviour. This would guide me to criticise Gibson’s comments rather than…

  • http://singleplanet.blogs.com Mark

    This has become an insightful thread on John Gibson/Fox News, but seems to have become sidetracked by issues of free speech and racism.
    John Doe (way above in the comments) tends to sumarise the views of Americans who feel “let down” by France. He also echoes the rather spurious argument that the “grudge is not against the French people or French culture” but “against the policies of the French government”.
    Some points:
    - The policies of the French government on Iraq are widely supported by the French population. Your grudge ought to be against the French.
    - You are confusing the phrase ‘French fries’ with ‘French culture’, a common enough misconception in the US that speaks volumes about the education system there.
    - In your claim that the French should try to understand why so many Britons hate the French, you should maybe check recent research by the Pew Research Center that showed that it is American popularity that continues to decline globally except in a few countries: even the Chinese are more popular, and France, Germany and Japan are more favourably regarded by Britons. Given that Britain has been at war with two of those countries within the last 50 years, and given the Anglo-French rivalry, this is no mean feat. That rivalry has generally been confined to the fields of sport, except when raised by the media (notably by The Sun, another Newscorp subsidiary).
    The French, like many people, believe passionately in eradicating terrorism, but do not believe that invading Iraq is or was the way to do it. It is important to remember that some Western countries, including the USA, were arming Saddam Hussein right up until shortly before the Gulf War; Islamic terrorists were originally funded by the CIA; the single biggest source of income for the IRA was from American sympathisers. Perhaps the French (and many other Europeans) can be forgiven for being sceptical when the American government talks about freedom from tyranny as being a driver for invading
    Iraq. Indeed, today the US does and says nothing about the regime in Uzbekistan, perhaps because they need the airbase there.
    Religious fanatics have long lived in European countries, largely because of the freedoms they are given there. Terrorism has been an awful threat to peace and to the daily lives of people under threat of terrorist attacks from the IRA, INLA, ETA, the Red Brigade, the PLO and others for decades in Europe. People in France and Europe have largely come to accept that the solutions are not easy and that the driving forces behind terrorism and sympathy for terrorism are complicated. Winning the war against terrorism is not something that is hastened by using cluster bombs and heavily armed Marines. It might feel good for Americans to see victorious troops rolling in to a captured town or city in the Middle East, but it looks like imperialist invaders to local people.
    Good will eventually win over evil, and as Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, said to the terrorists “You will fail”. But creating or widening perceptions between different free peoples is playing right into the hands of terrorists. John Gibson has done a good service for Al-Qaeda and Islamic fundamentalists by heightening animosity between Americans and French people.
    Journalists (and I use the term loosely here when discussing John Gibson) are supposed to report the facts, according to widely accepted journalistic ethical codes of conduct, but Gibson simply presents a personal and rather odious perspective.
    I have lived and worked in the US for two years, and have a soft spot for Americans. I also have a house in France and have a soft spot for the French. I am also a Londoner. John Gibson angers me because he helps to fan the flames of xenophobia and hatred from a position of influence and importance as a presenter on a nationally-broadcast TV news programme. His words help to drive wedges between good peoples that share the same ambition of eradicating terrorism but who disagree on the way to do it.

  • http://clivedavis.blogs.com/clive/2005/07/loose_talk.html Clive Davis


    No, as Loïc Lemeur observes, those anti-

  • Joe

    Mark makes an important point in distinguishing support for the invasion of Iraq from support for the war on terror. The French authorities have taken multiple actions against suspected terrorists and have consistently shared intel with the U.S. and British authorities. France has also committed troops to Afghanistan (c. 1800).
    The claim to have been “let down” by the French does not concern the war on terror but the war on Iraq. These are separate issues and should be viewed as such.

  • John Davies

    Yeah, France is greatly committed in Afghanistan – 1670 troops. How could we do without them?

  • Joe

    I understand that you’re trying to be sarcastic (and you’re basically just trolling) John, but given (1) that the U.S. has roughly 20k forces in Afghanistan, and (2) that the French force is the third largest national contingent there, your comment is spot on. You couldn’t do without them.

  • http://beyondpr.blogspot.com Joel

    This is turning into another French bashing thread. This is not the point!!!
    No one who calls himself a “journalist” would make such comments. He is wishing publicly that some people he disagree with die… Loic is right. You can replace Paris with any other city in the world and it is still disgusting. The fact that Gibson is american is irrelevant to me.
    There is enough stupidity and hatred in this world. If bloggers think that they can make the world a little bit better, they should pressure Gibson or Fox to apologise.

  • http://insidetheusa.net Jerome

    Gibson did apologize :
    What an asshole…

  • http://www.labelash.blogspot.com Amine

    If you take one step back and simply think that it has been released trough Fox News, then the pic is clear and not surprising at all: since the US Government started its campaign in the media in favour of the invasion of Iraq, Fox News has been the best advocate of this policy and has taken every single opportunity to spit out its hatred on France. Fox News is clearely listed as Anti-French, whatever may be the topic.
    Gibson’s view is not the first one of this type to be expressed through Fox, and for sure not the last one.

  • Florian

    His latest comment prooves that he is just making propagda, and that he doen’t care about humanity or morality. Let him carry his gas mask for many years in his brief case. Perhaps one day he will understand that Iraq (before the war) had nothing to do with terrorism and it was not France who is responsable that it has now.
    I will now continue to watch le Tour de France and enjoy the beautiful country and Lance Amstrong with a good red wine from Bordeaux. Life can be beautiful…
    What was the name of this guy ? :-)

  • http://quentinbrunel.blogs.com Quentin

    I am French, I live in Los Angeles, I am married to an american girl. Every american i know, love France. But i dont know about the rest of the americans, because i dont hang out nether with rednecks nor brainless people. Its just funny to see that America has always an opinion on everything and everybody, except on itself. If America was focusing more on itself, it could solve the problem of massive illegal immigration, social security, massive public deficit, racism, violence…

  • http://quentinbrunel.blogs.com Quentin

    I forgot to say that the KKK is still active, even got his own public website, so are a lot of pro nazi associations.

  • http://quentinbrunel.blogs.com Quentin

    I called the Fox News Network phone line this morning, in order to express my anger towards the actions of Gibson, I encourage all the blogosphere to do the same.

  • Jérôme

    En tout cas, ça donne pas envie d’aller aux Etats-Unis. Si les américains nous détestent à ce point, je ne comprends pas pourquoi on continue à leur parler et avoir une ambassade là-bas.

  • Traverse

    I see many here saying that most Americans do not hate (dislike… whatever) the French. Well, I can say this… most people I know in my neck of the woods simply cant stand the French. The word “French” has become synonymous with “traitor” or “enemy”. Like it or not… that’s the brutal truth. Our “friends” the French are no longer friends according to more than half of all Americans, and I agree.
    Why? This was brought on by French actions against America… not Fox News. It’s not the fact that they disagreed with invading Iraq. It’s the fact that they are trying to make the effort in Iraq fail. It is obvious to me, that the French take great pleasure in every negative piece of news out of Iraq. It’s one thing for France to claim that “friends can disagree and still be friends”, it’s an entirely different and much more ominous situation when one friend tries to make another loose a war.
    France was in bed with Saddam Hussein before the war started, and is in my opinion, exactly why they opposed the war in the first place. They sold us out for money. If Hussein starts to talk, the French are in even deeper sh*t with the U.S than they are now.
    My Grandfather died from wounds he received on a French Battlefield in WWI. Thousands more Americans have died for them since, and are dying today for their freedom. I just do not believe that the French would ever do the same for America. I don’t think it was too much to ask for the French to swallow their pride on this one, and help over-throw a tyrannical dictator. Spin it all you want, but they owe us big time. Shame to have to point that out, but the collective French memory seems a bit short.
    Hate France? You bet. Bitter? Very bitter. French products? Not in my home…I prefer Virginia wine. Willing to forgive? Maybe… time will tell.
    I’m with Mr. Gibson on this one… I have no problem seeing the French squirm. I hope we become better friends again someday, but it may be a case of ‘too much water under the bridge”
    That’s the news from Fauquier County. Not a pretty picture.

  • Loic

    Traverse and others defending Gibson, I thank you for having opened my eyes to this America I did not know enough about, I was lured by San Francisco which clearly does not think this way. Who do you take yourself for ? For gods whose mission is to save the World ? You’d better have a look in a more detailed way in what’s happening in your own home before trying to solve the worlds issues in my opinion. And I am not saying France is perfect, far from it, our President should really retire, but at least we don’t aim at ruling the world.

  • Florian

    Well, if France was in bed with him, what was then the USA ? Help me, but who helped him to power ? Wasn’t it the CIA ? I remember a nice picture with the Director of the CIA (G. Bush) in a very friendful tête à tête. Honi soit qui mal y pense. The USA didn’t make money by selling him guns ? And it wasn’t the petrol because the made war. Of cause it wasn’t, they never would made this to a country.
    It is true that they did a lot for the freedom here in Europe, and people here know that and don’t forget. But things changes and it wasn’t always for freedom (Chile, Guatemala, Korea …) and a lot of dictators were supported by the USA government (Hussein, too). Don’t take me wrong, but the government of the USA isn’t better then any other country, and not better (or worse) then France. Why do they spy German and French companies from their presences in Germany and UK ? Are friends acting like that ? Why is the CIA acting in foreign countries (like in Italy and in Germany) and kidnapping people to send them in countries where torture is tolerated ? A proof of friendship ? Why are the officials treating people from South America (a friend of mine is coming from Peru) like Untermenschen (I think that’s the perfect word) ?
    I’m really sorry for you’re grandfather, but you can’t mix anything together. Nearly everybody in Europe has lost somebody of his family within the wars and now people here live together in peace. (My family came from Poland, Germany and France and people died for all those countries…) New generation, new game.
    There have been good reasons for and against the war in Iraq. France and Germany (but not only them) were against for several reasons. One of the reasons was the danger for the civil people and the stability. Most germen were against, because people there say “never again”. The two WW in the last century hasn’t been forgotten, and they never want attack another country. French people were worried for the civil persons. Probably because of the bad experiences in Indochine and Algeria. It was in both countries the population which was against (like in Spain, Italy and the UK). The government used this opportunity to gain popularity. But that’s how democracy works… It’s not the fault of France that the situation in Iraq is like it is now. And don’t forget, Mitterrand was with W. Bush last time when Iraq was aggressing Kuwait. Chirac is with W. in Afghanistan. Don’t
    I know some people in the USA which don’t share you’re opinion. They can distinguish between government and people and I’m quite sure that many other can, too. Read the article again, and you’ll notice that the author didn’t accuse a country or insulted a population as you (and some others) did. Perhaps you’ll think about it with a good French red wine…

  • Traverse

    The bottom line:
    The bottom line is… The American government is very aware France is opposed to our foreign policy. But it should be obvious that our position is very important to us, and we are firm in our resolve to go ahead with our aggressive stance on terrorism. It’s a catch 22, and we know that we cannot both take the fight to the enemy, and please a world full of nations with conflicting priorities. Now that you have made your opposition clear, and we have made our position clear… what will you do next? Will you help the U.S. succeed, or continue to hope and try to make us fail, and rejoice every time something happens that makes the President look bad? Unfortunately, I think I already know the answer.
    Healthy debate is a good thing, but eventually you must act. That is what the U.S. is doing… for better or worse… at least we are trying to do the right thing, despite the claims of “friends” like Loic who actually think it’s the U.S. who is trying to “rule the world”. Thanks “friend”. The enemy of all mankind is radical Islam, not true Islam, and certainly not The United States and President Bush. Everyone will be forced to come to this harsh realization sooner or later.
    Loic illustrates why reasonable, moderate, well educated, Americans like myself are sick of France’s petty whining and backstabbing, and support commentators like John Gibson, who may be politically incorrect and a bit harsh, but say it like it is.

  • Daryl

    As Loic sort of insinuates, but does not directly state, both France and the US (and probably every other industrialized nation) participates in industrial spying. Here’s an article that I found which details some of the activities on BOTH sides of the pond.
    I’ve been lurking on this blog posting for a while, and I am going to make a couple of comments on some of the other comments made here.
    * I don’t hate the French people, I dislike the French government. As opposed to what Florian proposed, I am not a KKK loving, uneducated red-neck. I have two college degrees, I have probably forgotten more about world history than Florian will ever know, and own and operate a very successful software business. I assure you I don’t own anything resembling a Confederate Flag.
    * Iraq DID support terrorism, although perhaps not a direct threat to the US. Unless you can’t see how the killing of innocent people in Israel eating pizza is terrorism. If you need a reminder, Saddam had publically increased the bounties for the families of suicide bombers. It was also known that he sent forgery experts and I believe some chemists specializing in chemical warfare to Afghanistan prior to the fall of the Taliban. If you need to read those yourself, when I have more time I will be happy to post links.
    * While not a huge fan of Fox or Gibson, I can read and see clear enough his comments were sarcasm. Even if they weren’t, it’s an OpEd piece, not journalism. There is a difference.
    * If France is so worried about the “civil persons”, why were they so active in Rwanda supplying weapons for the massacre (http://www.news24.com/News24/Africa/News/0,,2-11-1447_1498820,00.html) ? Why were French peacekeepers in the Congo shooting pornos with underage girls and trading food for sex with underage, starving girls [on the second point, I will assume this was not a civil action, and just the acts of individuals]
    * While I would like to believe the French and Germans were against the invasion of Iraq purely on altruistic reasons of peace, I would rather suspect oil was the main motivation. As a couple of examples, France was negotiating a multi-billion dollar oil refinery project with Saddam. France and Germany both get about 86% of their oil from the region, and were the largest importers of Iraqi oil, and just a few years ago were pushing for the lifting of sanctions in Iraq to free up more oil.
    And when the final reports on the oil-for-food scandal at the UN come out, they may show (as the preliminary reports have indicated) a darker involvement. You can visit OPEC’s web site if you’d like verification of the amounts and where each country get’s their oil.
    In the end, I like to recall a lesson my college economics teacher once taught me. Each dollar is a vote (works the same for Euros too). If you don’t like something, don’t “vote” for it, and if enough people do the same, economics alone will dictate change. So, if you don’t like Fox, don’t watch it. Their advertising dollars will shrink, and they will be forced to change their policies to reflect what the market wants.
    On the same token, if you don’t like France’s policies, don’t buy their products. I suspect the vintners and tourism officials have been feeling this effect for some time in France. And with Chirac’s recent comments about Britain, I suspect it will only increase.
    Either way, the “market” does a great job of correcting itself.

  • Daryl

    My apolgies to Florian, itr was Quentin who made the comment about everyone who hates France is a redneck….

  • Florian

    @Daryl :
    “My apolgies to Florian, itr was Quentin who made the comment about everyone who hates France is a redneck….”
    No problem… ;-)
    “I have probably forgotten more about world history than Florian will ever know, and own and operate a very successful software business.”
    Good for you. Well, this reminds me of my father. He probably did forget more then I will ever know. Unfortunately he died last year because of Alsheimer. Btw., you must be quite old…
    This is exactly the point which I tried to figure out. My posting didn’t contain insults of persons or countries. How can you juge peoples ? It’s a stupid thinking, and I don’t want to participate in this game (who’s the good and who’s the bad guy).
    Everything I wrote, was a reply to those postings which accused in a farly naive thinking france of beeing the ennemy and the cause of all evil in Iraq… That’s false and you should know it. There was never the question of who’s better or who’s doing things perfectly right. I mentioned some points to show that the USA aren’t the nice white knite, always doing good things. It’s not about that France and Germany are only doing good things, too. It’s about the way people are telling lies (or putting facts in a complete false context) and creating hate. Obviously some people are already infected by this nonsense. Thankx Fox (thanks to the some few newspapers in France and Germany, too !). Sorry, but I’m quite sick of it.

  • Traverse

    With all due respect, you and the rest of your countrymen need come to the realization that Fox News, and commentators like John Gibson are not responsible for the anti-French sentiments of Americans. Americans who dislike your county are not the gun-slinging rednecks you take us for. We get our news, and develop our opinions from many different sources. It’s the actions and policies of the French people and their government that are to blame for the way we feel. The French are in denial about the true nature of anti-French sentiment from America.
    It’s the same story over and over again, the French not putting the blame where it truly lies. For Instance, when the Islamic terrorists recently bombed London, the blame was put at the Americans feet, and not where it truly lies, with the terrorists. If we are ever to become friends again, we need to look truthfully at the root cause of American hatred towards France, or we will never resolve our differences. The French cannot continue to blame everything on Bush, John Gibson, and Fox News. Well, I guess you can, but it will only fuel more hatred from America.
    Many Americans would like to know… just whose side are you on anyway? It looks to many Americans, like the French Government and the French People are siding with the terrorists, out of greed, and out of fear, and thus we consider you at best a very untrustworthy ally, and if you continue to try and make the Iraq war a failure, by providing aid and comfort to our enemy, then we will have no choice but to consider you an enemy as well.
    Just telling it like it is…

  • Florian

    @Traverse :
    “…just whose side are you on anyway?”
    There is more than black and white. I know nobody who’s with the terrorists. That’s completly absourd. The difference between France (Germany) and the USA are not as big as you might probably think. The Bush administration shocked me (and most of the people here) by declaring “Everybody who’s not with us is against us”. This is completly inaceptable (but reminds me of another period here in Europe) and causes much diplomatic damage. To keep it short : Most people here don’t share the Iraq-politic of the Bush administration, but do share the politic against terrorism. For that more then 7000 german soldiers and not much less french soldiers are working with the US army together against the terrorism in many countries.
    “… for Instance, when the Islamic terrorists recently bombed London, the blame was put at the Americans feet, and not where it truly lies, with the terrorists.”
    Well, beside the “very left press” (which hasn’t any political influence) the blame was but at the terrorists feets. You’re right that still too much people didn’t understand that this is not a game and that these guys aren’t little Robin Woods but “simple” criminals. You can be shure that the great majority feels with the victims and damns the terrorism. (This might also be misunderstood by many people in the USA)

  • Craig

    I totally agree with John Gibson and his take on France and terrorism and I will take it a step further. The French have allowed themselves to become weak and cowardly. A once great nation has become a kitten because of the liberals that have taken over. While the USA has taken the fight to the muslim freaks for 9/11, the French would have appologized to the terrorists for our buildings getting in the way of those jetliners. The UK and US should have let France rest in the warm embrace of Nazi Germany instead of bailing them out and maybe the French would still have testicals. Cowards!

  • Cosey

    hey Guys, don’t you have anything better in your life rather then wordfighting about bullshit ? I’m really impressed, no matter your opinion, about that losted time… Don’t you no you will die soon ?

  • maude

    hello ! you said that there is something better to do than speak about this man. I agree, but I don’t understand the way you said it, as if the life was so short that we have to stay quite and say nothing.
    maybe people care too much about this, maybe … but I can understand why they react like that …
    I’m french (you may guess that, because my english isn’t perfect ! lol) and I’ve seen the website fuckfrance.com for example !
    What a surprise …
    I think we don’t have to care too much about people who seem to be a bit stupid, like gibson (but, the postive point is the fact he has recognize his fault … but I don’t think he wanted to do theses apologies because he has understood, but because lots of people may tell him to do that …) even if we don’t have to say “oh, it’s not important, I have better to do in my life”
    I’m not very clear, sorry … My english isn’t perfect, and I haven’t the words to say what I’m thinking !
    So … Have a nice day everybody :)

  • http://francofile.blogs.com/francofile/ jean

    Gibson had nothing of substance to say that day, so he went into “Faux” news’s default mode: France-bashing. I have blogged sevral times about Fox’s systematic francophobia:

  • Zoomerx

    40% of Americans today believe Saddam was behind 9/11. The figures were of course much higher at the height of American francophobia. That speaks volumes.