» Off to Zermatt at the Young Global Leaders summit

Off to Zermatt at the Young Global Leaders summit

 Photos Uncategorized 24062005008I am in Zermatt, Switzerland for 4 days at the World Economic Forum’s Summit of Young Global Leaders. It is amazing the concentration of forward-looking minds I met tonight. I had a great conversation with Nicklas Zennstrom, founder of Skype and I learnt a lot, Skype has around 40 million users now, 140 people worldwide (even one person in France I’d love to meet too) and growing. I congratulated Nicklas for his Skype official blog, Niklas says the company is really interested by blogs and understands how it helps getting closer to customers. Skype has raised around $20M and has now more money that wants to be invested in it than needed, how surprising. We talked also about how Skype IM and voice was encrypted at 256 bits making it difficult to for anybody to listen to these conversations, probably more from the volume of data transferred than the complexity to break the encryption. Interesting to insist on the fact that Skype is a european startup spreading around the World like wildfire.

Anyway, a few days out of the daily business to think about where we are going and to broaden our views can only help get the big picture. I’ll post more about the sessions and the participants I discuss with. Off-to bed now.

  • http://www.oursocialworld.com Geoff

    Hi Loic maybe you could ask Nicklas Zennstrom
    if he fancy dropping by http://www.oursocialworld.com
    glad you can make it.

  • nicolas

    Hello Loic. La video de Vichy est disponible en anglais sur http://tsr.blogs.com/zermatt/
    see you

  • http://maxniederhofer.com Max

    I can’t believe you are getting to SKI. Forget forward thinking minds, get some time on the glacier. Phew, at least the snow is slushy in the summer, otherwise I’d be green with envy.

  • http://www.economicfractalist.com/ gary lammert
  • http://www.economicfractalist.com/ gary lammert

    The world economic composite sits at the edge,
    As of 9 August 2005, the growth fractals for the composite American equities, which represent the sizeable fraction of global equity worth, has – with reasonable probability – been completed with respect to a maximal valuation secondary to the highs of March 2000. Telltale at this near global US equity summit point is the very contrasting new 35 year low for venerable Delta Airlines which closed Tuesday below 2 for the first time in 3 and 1/2 decades, down over 94 percent from its high of over 70, 5 years ago.
    Bank stocks are sinking, having received and continuing to receive broadsides from both the Fed’s increasing interest rates and the narrowing short term-long term spreads. The interest rate dependent real estate stocks, e.g., HGX, are breaking lower trend lines. It is over.
    The final blow-off for the Nikkei and Euro stocks very likely occurred today with exhaustion gaps to yet another multiyear high. The Euro equity finale is contained in the third fractal of the 12/31/31 day sequence. The last 31 day sequence, which parallels US equity composites:
    6/15/10 to the top (a Fibonacci number 1.6 x the base of 6) with today day 15 of 15 for a terminal sequence of 6/15/15 days.
    An averaged Fibonacci growth sequence dating from August 2004 was completed today for the US equities at a lower short term high. Market sentiment is, by contrarian standards, appropriately at its most optimistic apogee. Fractally, contained within the valuation summits, the great American equity market composites have already provided evidence of a primary decay pattern. Expect the unexpected. Expect nonlinearity.
    -Gary Lammert http://www.economicfractalist.com/

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