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Social engagement

David Tebbutt just wrote an article in The Guardian about how the lesblogs conference was organised: word spread on blogs and the conference mostly self-organised on the wiki page.

David says: “for most of those who attended, the engagement started well before the event.

People signed up for the conference by hitting the edit button and adding their details to Le Meur’s Socialtext Wiki pages. They paid by clicking a link to the payment page. They entered their personal details, and added notes such as “Anyone need a lift from Amsterdam?” or “Anyone fancy dinner on 24th?” to the Travel/what to do page.

Pages materialised according to need, and adding and editing information was straightforward. Best of all, everything was always up to date.”

The fact that most participants were not only participants but also helped getting the programme ready, helped us find speakers, filled-in the wiki with tips to travel to Paris, restaurant ideas (and even what do in Paris for five days ?) to help everybody and gathered all the posts, audio files, articles about the event was an amazing support.

I felt like we all organized the conference together. Obviously, there were still some heavy logistics left…

Thanks David for this article, to your question about the blog etiquette to talk about your own article, I think that’s fine ;-) I would just regret they were no links in your article to get the Guardian readers to the blogs and conference pages you are talking about but I guess this is The Guardian policy outside of its own blogs, Neil ?