» My new Nokia 6680

My new Nokia 6680

Nokia 6680I just got my new Nokia 6680 and it rocks. It is much faster than my old 7610, has one 1.3 megapixel camera in the back and a VGA one in the front, it is 3G to allow fast data transfer and video conferencing (I tried with the French operator Orange my first video call and it is really cool). The pictures and small videos are very good and the built-in flash helps. The design is cool and has no weird keyboard or other unnecessary toys.

I am trying to use it also to replace my keyboard blackberry but that is the only weakness, no push email and no keyboard. I tried profimail which is quite good but is not as fast as the blackberry application to read and answer emails. Now I need to find a bluetooth portable keyboard (or may be this one) to see if I can really get rid of my blackberry.

The experience I have had with this new 6680 phone is excellent, I just need to get a copy of Tiger now to see if I can even sync my Mac with it.