» Bloggers after locks again, computer locks this time.

Bloggers after locks again, computer locks this time.

Kensington LockAfter Kryptonite, it is now Kensington lock’s turn. The blogosphere talks about it.

The brand has not learnt anything from their competitors’ story and does not say a word.

I was getting bored of showing the Kryptonite locks video when I was talking about a brand crisis on blogs, so here is the Kensington video. Follow what the bloggers are saying here for example, because on the brand site it is total silence even though there is a PR crisis.

Brands cannot hide bad news anymore.

I wanted to write a post on how to get out of a blog crisis but as Steve already has a very good one I will just add a few suggestions.


-continually listen and analyze

-develop a list of vulnerabilities

-build a lockbox blog

-build a network of blogging allies

-ride the long tail

I would add:

-talk about your mistakes or the problems, don’t hide them

-ask bloggers their advice on how they would improve the product, the initiative

-write a summary of these suggestions and apply the best, they are usually very good

-blog, blog, blog. In these cases it is better than press releases.

Let’s see if Kensington will listen to bloggers. I doubt it.

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