» 1Gbps home internet access for US$215

1Gbps home internet access for US$215

Yat Siu at the lesblogs conference in Paris compared the prices of broadband Internet between asia and the rest of the world, as a few people including David were surprised by these numbers, Yat just gave me a link with detailed pricing:

-1Gbps for US$215 per month

-100Mbps for US$34 per month

-10Mbps for US$16 per month

This was pricing in Honk Kong. In China according to this article (in Chinese), “100Mbps service is approx. 26.5 euros and 1 Gigabit service is approx. 166.36 euros the 1 G service has an installation fee” says Yat.

I want the same in Paris, now !

update: Yat adds info about Korea and more:

“On 100 Mbps in Korea there is an article in Korean that discusses this:


The government has been pushing to spread nationwide increase of infrastructure speeds to 50Mbps already in 2003 in Korea with the construction of the BcN following the goal to have 100Mbps by 2010. This is not a secret that the Korean Government has had super internet speeds as part of their National Agenda (ever since the Asian Economic Crisis for that matter) however ever since then the plans have been pushed forward significantly as Korea has been ever keen to maintain its top dog status as the leader in Broadband everything.

A little digging on an english article is here: http://www.chiefexecutive.net/depts/technology/197a.htm which has this particular quote on an Article in April 2004:

“Last year, the Korean government forked out more than $2 billion of the $10 billion needed to build the world’s fastest integrated network. This “broadband convergence network” (BcN) will provide connection speeds of between 50 to 100 megabits per second by the end of next year. The fastest connection speed in the U.S. is just 3 megabits right now. “BcN will be a core platform for the creation of an advanced communications market,” says Minister Chin ”

I know of quite a number of people who have 100Mbps service, whether they GET a full 100Mbps is a different question alltogether I suppose. Korean Broadband providers are not thinking they will compete on price and size alone so they are leading the charge in value added content services (like digital TV). Most don’t compete like HKBN, they call it “Super High Speed Mega Ultra whatever” and place the xDSL or vDSL “speeds”. In many cases the bandwidth increases are being treated almost as “unlimited” for the pro super speeds which are geared towards online gamers. Super high speed is also a requirement for the Cyber Cafe’s which are the social center of many of these online communities. Fiber is also widely connected across Seoul and even “smaller” operators like Dreamline are claiming network capacity in the 800Gpbs service range with 1.6Tbps coming soon.

KT is of course the nr.1 in Korea, Dreamline is another top competitor, a specific reference can be found on their metro service http://www.dreamline.co.kr/service/metro.php which offers adjustable internet services upto 100Mbps and their Super High Speed Internet service offering “xDSL (VDSL)”. Pricing from various service providers for this kind of DSL vary between 30-50,000+won (approx. 20-35 euros or so). These can be found on websites of Hanaro Telecom and KT of course too. They all offer VDSL as pretty much standard offering.”

  • http://www.bigblogcompany.net Adriana

    Actually, David and I were mainly impressed rather than just surprised and took the info at the face value until last night when someone challenged us and flatly refused to believe the numbers. So David went back to the source, i.e. to Yat Siu via Loic and voila – all is confirmed. I just love the blogosphere! :-)

  • Loic

    Thanks Adriana, I also love it more and more I should say !

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    Blogging and Flickr incontinence

    Sorry about the radio silence. I’ve been at the LesBlogs

  • http://teblog.typepad.com/ David Tebbutt

    Actually, the detail isn’t confirmed but the principle is. It’s bloody fast over there and it isn’t over here. I’ve tweaked my original post to suit.

  • http://www.surfarama.com/index.php?p=147 Surfarama

    I want 1Gbps home internet access too!

    Loic Le Meur blogs about how cheap broadband internet access is in Hong Kong…US$16/month for 10Mbps (is this symetrical?).
    I’ve blogged before about the outlandish broadband pricing here in New Zealand…so this just winds me up big time. I pay e…

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    Broadband, 100Mbps for US $34 per Month

    Dream on, right? If you happen to live in the US, then that’s not a particularly realistic number. I pay almost double that amount for a measly 1.5Mbps downstream, 256Kbps upstream, and two static IP addresses here in Seattle. Although I should add, t…

  • http://www.09h09.com jm

    1gig pour quoi faire???

  • k00zk0

    To download shit, retard.

  • http://www.wdeonline.com John

    Darn Telco and cable companies are holding us back. Even if we could attain those speeds in the U.S. the FCC and Uncle Sam would try to regulate every Mbit, especially with the intervening of the RIAA and the MPAA. I wonder how much more upset they would be if you could download a song in less than a second or a DVD in less than a few minutes. Not really sure but that’s just my opinion.

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