» The French Radio Europe 2 launches its TypePad blogs

The French Radio Europe 2 launches its TypePad blogs


Europe 2 launches today its blog platform powered by TypePad. After having used for some time another solution, one of the leading french radio on the youth chose to relaunch it on TypePad, chosen for its functionalities and its reliability. A high volume is expected, relying on the scalability of the TypePad platform.

Capture007-2The Europe 2 fans as well as any internet user can open a free (with advertising) Europe 2 blog with a choice of 6 different templates. Users can also upgrade their blogs to any TypePad paid offer. Here is a blog example.

Thank you Europe 2 for having chosen TypePad to relaunch your blog offering.

There are now 7 blog portals running on TypePad in Europe, Neufblog, Turboblog, Le Monde, VNUNet, T-Online, 01 Net and Europe 2. Other portal launches will happen short term, joining Friendster in the US, NTT and Nifty in Japan.