» Making weblog design a whole lot easier

Making weblog design a whole lot easier

Adobe has added support in the new version of Adobe GoLive CS2 for Movable Type and TypePad templates.

“Our goal was to make it easier for weblog creators and designers to use the Adobe tools that many of you are already familiar with, while introducing the Adobe Creative Suite audience to the power, flexibility, and creativity of publishing with TypePad and Movable Type.”

All the details.

  • lydia_johnson993@yahoo.com

    Mrs.Lydia Johnson
    C/o Eglise Ouganda (Catholic church )
    Liberte Sicap 1,Dakar Senegal.
    Tel:++221 696-2771.
    Compliment of the day.
    I know this mail will come to you as a surprise.Nevertheless I am Mrs.Lydia Johnson, aged 59 years,the wife of Major Doncan Johnson, Chief Security Officer and Aide-de–camp to the exiled president Charles Tailor of Liberia .
    As a result of the on-going problem in my country, I am saddled with problems of my ill-health of protracted diabetes and high blood pressure which is getting of increase in the recent times, more importantly getting a trust worthy individual abroad to receive the sum of US$13.2million on our behalf which I intend to invest in your company.
    Due to this crises presently in my city Monrovia our home town, I managed to sneak myself and my son David 23 years of age and four other of my daughters out of Monrovia to Dakar senegal for safety. We were sneaked into Dakar Senegal through the land boarder by the help of some government militant group.
    After the killing of my husband by the rebels, we decided to come down here to Dakar senegal to secure the this deposit deposited here by my husband and to further look for a trust worthy individual abroad to receive these deposit which has being deposited here in Dakar Senegal before he was eventually killed by the heartless rebels.
    I feel confident therefore to introduce myself to you based on this problem and our present condition as all our foreign contacts and connections got lost during this crises, all properties burnt by the rebels.
    I am desperately in need to move and re-locate this huge deposit to your country for safe keeping as this is the only wealth remaining for the future survival and well being of my large family.
    For your percentage for assistance, a negotiable percentage will be discussed as soon as I receive your response based on this plea for your assistance as our lives are highly in danger due to this problem. I pray and plead for your help. Please endavour to email me back for further clarifications over this issue.
    God bless you as you respond to my plea for assistance.My telephone 00221 696-2771 or alternative email lydia_johnson993@yahoo.com and phone will be open for your call any time but if I am available the time of your call, my son David will respond to you accordingly.
    Sincerely yours.
    Mrs. Lydia Johnson.

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  • Silkscreen

    Every day, a new star is born. I turned my head, blushed, fluttered my hand up to my collarbone prettily, and gulped the last of my champagne. I know when I’ve been beaten.

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