» It is difficult to blog in English

It is difficult to blog in English

Nir Ofir, who invited me to have breakfast in Tel Aviv recently, has just started to blog in English (he has one in hebrew, too). Nil joins the friends I have there who blog in english (along with Ouriel).

“I’m a little frustrated that the stuff that we are doing here stays here. I mean that almost no one can get information about Digital lifestyle, Social software, Blogging and Internet Innovation in Israel.”

That is one of the reason I blog in English, too. I have always been frustrated to feel late compared to the US on too many things so sharing in english helps you catch up and stay in permanent touch with your friends around the world. The problem is to do it daily. It is not natural, not as natural as to express yourself in your mother tongue. I have three to four times as many comments on my French blog as my English blog and this says something. Of course my english is much worse than my french but also when I have a joke it comes in french and is always difficult to translate. Keep going Nir, you’ll see on the long run it is worth the time you spend writing in English.

  • http://niro.typepad.com Niro

    Thanks Loic….and I hope your next Kite surfing vacation to Tel Aviv (I promise that my next snowboarding trip will be in France)

  • http://ouriel.typepad.com/myblog/ ouriel

    i agree with loic, bloggin in english is worth. i tried to develop on that idea in my blog.

  • http://useful-sounds.de Nicole Simon

    While oneself may be more or less fluent in the language, the problem remains – i hate to blog double things (one in english, one in german) but also you don’t want to keep stuff just for one side … :(
    And everytime I decide for a project on one language, I feel divided just after it. :(
    But then again, English is the language to go and talk to your neighbours in europe *sigh*

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