» Chat room for “les blogs” event in Paris and tag

Chat room for “les blogs” event in Paris and tag


A few news for our next monday event, les blogs

-a chat room is available throughout the event (already up) for us to meet and comment during the event (backchannel). It is not IRC so that everybody can use it, just browser based. Thanks Canal Chat for this.

-registration starts at 8:15 (see the wiki)

-there is useful information for your stay here and what to do in Paris for five days, feel free to add your own information, create useful pages, my wiki is yours

-we will have about 300 participants (VNU has 30 more participants on top of the list) from 20 countries (I had forgotten one in my last count)

-there will be (I hope) open wifi but… only 20 power plugs we’ll have to share (sorry about this, can’t do better at Le Senat), so bring laptop batteries

-you will need an id to go through security at Le Senat and please go to the right room, if you see a circle room called hemicycle full of Senators you made it to the wrong one where Senators discuss other matters and bloggers are not (yet) accepted there…

-please tag your posts “lesblogs” so that we can see what everybody is posting, just add this html to your posts (in the html, he :-)

<a href=”http://technorati.com/tag/lesblogs” rel=”tag”>[lesblogs]</a>

see you all on Monday, I can’t wait. I see most of you will also stay for our evening in the Alcazar, privatized for the occasion (evening reserved for the day event participant).

  • http://hmestrum.blogs.com/my_weblog/2005/04/op_naar_parijs_.html Hans on Experience

    Op naar Parijs! Op naar Les Blogs!

    Zondag reis ik af naar Les Blogs een conferentie over webloggen en aanverwante zaken voor webloggers. Ik verblijf in Hotel Le Senat vlakbij de lokatie van de conferentie, Le Senat in het Jardin du Lux…

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    Chat Rooms

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