» Siemens launches its moblog client

Siemens launches its moblog client

 Siemens Mobile

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I am at Cebit today. Siemens has just launched its brand new java client for moblogging on new Siemens phones. It is so cool the TypePad logo shows up on the phone. You can take pictures and video and blog them directly on the blog of your choice from the client. Siemens has a special booth for moblogging featuring this new phone. A lot of people on the booth.

  • http://maxniederhofer.com Max

    Hey Loic! make your photos less blurry so that I can see the two 20six logos on the client as well :)

  • Loic

    hehe :-) which logos ? !

  • http://www.copere.net/ Ludovic Copéré

    Just arriving from the CeBIT, where I saw and played a little with the moblogging app at Siemens’ booth. Very nice and well integrated.

  • http://www.loiclemeur.com Loic

    Ludovic, glad you liked it too !