» French political bloggers rock !

French political bloggers rock !





Thank you Véronique, Jean-Pascal, Fabrice, Thomas, Michel, Nicolas, Christophe and Thierry for having participated to our panel at third edition of our monthly event around blogging, on blogs and politics.

For those of you who do not speak french, we had citizen bloggers (including our world famous Christophe Grebert arrested by the police for blogging), city mayors, consultants to the French Prime Minister and candidates of the future presidential elections representatives.

The debates were very interesting with about 140 people in the room and more and more political blogs around in France. It looks like there is a consensus that blogging means less bullshit in politics (for those of you who heard me pronounce “bullshit” in english, I know, it is hard for me with my french accent but I am working on it !).

I really hope we see more and more political blogs around the world, we can all participate in the debates and learn with our leaders a mouse click away and better, anybody can have his say on his own blog.

Rodrigo talks about the evening in english.